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Ranch Hand Hello: Special Events Manager Erika!

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Give a Ranch Hand Hello to Our Special Events Manager Erika! With our jubilant, colorful atmosphere, Catalyst Ranch is the perfect venue for more than creative meetings: we host the most memorable special events, too. And because hosting those special events—Weddings, Fundraisers, Mitzvahs and more—has its own herd of boxes to check, we have someone on [...]

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Ranch Hand Hello: Howdy, Lyndon!

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If you’re reading this, you already know Catalyst Ranch is the place to go for groups who want to connect with each other. Teams come in for meetings, and our environment and abundant amenities make getting to know each other a snap! And with testimonials proclaiming how wonderful our own team is, we know you’d be [...]

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Fundraisers and More: Putting Parties Together!

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You probably know what our main line of business is hosting corporate and nonprofit meetings. What you may not already know is that we host a variety of celebrations and special events, too. And when it comes to fundraisers, our #vibrantvenue is the perfect environment for impressing donors and engaging supporters. Get to know our Social [...]

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Work Space Matters. Ask Kira and Matt!

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We don’t know for sure, but we’re guessing there hasn’t ever been an alien invasion or intergalactic supervillain threatening the Meetings Industry, but just in case, we’re ready with our own team of superheroes, who know first hand that your work space matters. In February, we DOUBLED our roster of Client Service Managers when our [...]

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Sea Moss. Simplicity. the MOSSUM Sweetie!

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Are you thinking about food RIGHT. THIS. SECOND? Probably. At this point with nutrition and meal-related advertising coming at you from all angles, you’d be hard-pressed not to have your diet on your mind. How soon is Lunch? Am I hydrated? Was that bagel the best choice? Did I make a wrong move? How much longer [...]

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Circling Back with Art Maven MJ!

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Today we're having a FlashBack Friday and returning to our great friend MJ Ernst—truly one of our Catalyst Ranch family. Back in December 2015, we blogged an interview with this multi-hyphenate artist as we debuted the gorgeous Catalyst Ranch 2016 Coloring Book Calendar she illustrated for us.And what an apropos #FBF too, since she'll be leading two [...]

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Breakfast and Beyond: A New Take!

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We’ve got new tricks up our sleeve for our clients! One of the things we truly all got behind at our 2019 Strategic Planning sessions was the priority to bring even more healthy and natural items to all aspects of our food service, including our breakfast, lunch and snack offerings. Get ready to see plenty of nut mixes, [...]

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Our 2018 Chicago Ideas Week Short List

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It's our favorite time of year, y'all! No, we're not talking about sweater-weather autumn. We're talking about the approach of this year's Chicago Ideas Week, which of course brings with it our 2018 Chicago Ideas Week Short List! This annual festival is coming round' the mountain, kicking off on October 15. Chicago Ideas Week gathers over 200 global [...]

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Facilitator Spotlight: Ah Ha!

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Facilitator Spotlight: Ah Ha! What is Ah Ha! and what do you do? Ah Ha! has been facilitating insight and innovation for over 20 years! We are a facilitation and consulting company that works to inspire people, connect knowledge and illuminate possibilities. Our custom-designed, facilitated sessions can include qualitative research, ideation, design thinking and strategic planning. [...]

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Having a Cup of Coffee with Levi Baer

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Levi is an innovator and entrepreneur who is bringing together other innovators and entrepreneurs in a spirit of collaboration in a no-pressure environment.  He brings this spirit to the West Loop when Coffee & Conversation comes to Catalyst Ranch in February. Name: Levi Baer Name of Your Company: Second Shift, teacher at DePaul University, and leader [...]

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