Focus Group with Respondent Room

Do-it-yourself FOCUS GROUPS in our uniquely right environment

Catalyst Ranch has become the preferred choice of cutting edge market researchers who are in the forefront of their profession, developing innovative ways to gain valuable information and insights from consumers. Market research techniques continue to evolve, but the facilities typically used for focus groups have remained the same for decades. Our space, your research.

Let respondents relax in an environment that has been uniquely designed by Catalyst Ranch to reduce inhibitions – filled with comfy couches, armchairs, coffee tables, handcrafted rugs, colorfully painted walls, paintings and ethnic accents. Get them talking. That’s why they’re here. Our space, your insights.

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If you have your own way of doing things, Catalyst Ranch is the right place for your customized and do-it-yourself research projects.

Using your own moderator? Bring them in! Have your own preferred recruiter? By all means, of course! We welcome your team of professionals and will work with them to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

Room Set-Ups

Our variety of large spaces allows your clients to be right in the room with the consumers either actively interacting or quietly observing. Or, they can choose to be tucked away in their own private and super comfortable viewing room, watching all the action through mirrors and on monitors. The rooms are flexible and can be tailored to your needs.

Included in the room rental

  • Wireless & Ethernet connections
  • Flipcharts & Easels
  • Dry Erase Board
  • LCD projector & Screen
  • Meeting Supplies
  • Flat Screen TV
  • Conference Phone
  • Unlimited Hot & Cold Beverages
  • Client & Respondent Snacks
  • A/V Tech Support
Additional Services

  • Recruiter and Moderator Referrals
  • Catering
  • Video Conferencing for Remote Viewing
  • Audio Recording
  • Unmanned Video Recording
  • Dedicated Hostess
  • Ranch Hands for Hire
  • Transcription Services
  • Creative Thinkers for Hire
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Catalyst Ranch provided all the hassle free administrative aspects that you would want from a market research viewing facility with the size of rooms that you could only get at a hotel. The creative environment really helped our respondents to be fully engaged. Whilst the hotels can be very helpful and attentive, they less often ‘get’ our needs – you simply don’t get the same stress free experience that you do at the Ranch. At the Ranch there is certainly a ‘wow’ factor but it is a fun, accessible one; whilst waiting for the session to start, the surroundings give the respondents something to talk about and help break any awkwardness.

Rachel Harsant, Mojo Brand Development
Focus Group Space in Chicago

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