Imagine More for Your Focus Groups

Imagine More for Your Focus Groups

Catalyst Ranch is Where Consumer Insights Come to Life

Focus groups have been around for decades upon decades for good reason – there’s nothing like a real life reaction to an idea, a product, a service or a brand message. Seeing the spark in someone’s eye. The hand gestures as they expound upon their likes or dislikes. The energy and passion in their voice.

Now imagine them not in a typical white walled room with two-way mirrors but in a colorful and stimulating space built to spark conversation. Homey and welcoming. Furnished with one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and beautiful artwork. Windows allowing natural light to pour in. Lush plants. And imagine yourself and your clients right in those same rooms or in a separate room, just as eclectically decorated, watching through 2-way mirrors.

Catalyst Ranch has hosted traditional and non-traditional focus groups since 2002. We’ve seen how respondents react when the elevator doors open and they enter our magical world. Inhibitions drop away, people start sharing their experiences, their opinion, beliefs and values in new ways. And your clients draw energy from them, absorbing their responses, gleaning new insights. So, get them talking. That’s why they’re here. That’s why you’re here.

Our Space. Your Insights. SHAZAM!

Focus Group Discussion

Focus Group Nuts and Bolts

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Reasons Why Focus Groups are BETTER at Catalyst Ranch

Disorient for Creative thinking


Providing an unexpected physical environment helps clear the mind of preconceived notions & opens it to new ideas.



Vintage furniture, furnishings & toys remind respondents of their childhoods when their imaginations were boundless & allowed to run free.

Embrace Diversity for Creative Thinking


Blending a vast array of cultural items signals that different cultures & ways of thinking are valued and encouraged.

Effective Meetings - ENGAGE THE SENSES


A physical environment which engages all the senses & tunes up the brain’s receptivity of powerful new ideas & different ways of perceiving.

Effective Meetings - NATURAL LIGHT


Each one of our meeting rooms has multiple windows that provide tons of natural light.

Effective Meetings - TAILOR MADE


Flexible space encourages new focus group formats—nothing standard here. Not sure how to set things up? Let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll lend you our expertise.



Dedicated staff offers ideas, tips and support before, during and after your focus group. Ranch Hands at your beck & call will ensure no tech failures or catering disasters. Additional services can also be provided.

Meeting Supplies


Our space comes with all the meeting supplies, AV equipment and printers your team needs. And of course unlimited hot & cold beverages and snack services are included.

Best Place in Chicago for Meetings and Events 2006
Best Place in Chicago for Meetings and Events 2012
Best Place in Chicago for Meetings and Events 2013
Best Place for Small Businesses

Imagine more IDEAS with Catalyst Ranch!

Superb Customer Service

“The entire experience was amazing from the moment we walked in. The team that was on site was utterly superb customer service and just truly friendly. The food was all good and filling. The snacks were a nice mid-day sugar rush and loved how the fridge and beverages were stocked. We will definitely be seeing you again for more meetings in the space whether they come through me or my other team members that are based in Chicago.

Other small items that I have to mention which the team said several times throughout the days:

1. The bathrooms were beautiful and well sized
2. The entire space is a sensorial delight!

By the way you were right the room size was perfect and even a bit large but we used a lot of the break out spaces!”

Nicole, Ipsos

Focus Group Discussion

Hassle Free

“Catalyst Ranch provided all the hassle free administrative aspects that you would want from a market research viewing facility with the size of rooms that you could only get at a hotel. The creative environment really helped our respondents to be fully engaged. Whilst the hotels can be very helpful and attentive, they less often ‘get’ our needs – you simply don’t get the same stress free experience that you do at the Ranch. At the Ranch there is certainly a ‘wow’ factor but it is a fun, accessible one; whilst waiting for the session to start, the surroundings give the respondents something to talk about and help break any awkwardness.”

Rachel Harsant, Mojo Brand Development

Excellent Results Each Time

My design firm has conducted research in this space twice in the past few months. We love the space, and have gotten excellent results each time. The atmosphere is so much nicer vs. the usual, dull conference room space with the one-way mirror. The participants were so enthusiastic, which in turn made my team more enthusiastic. I think a lot of it had to do with the casual atmosphere, and the fact that they could see us, the people who were trying to learn from them. The food was excellent. I was very impressed.

Stacy, Business Owner