ENERGIZE Your Meeting, ENGAGE Your Team

ENERGIZE Your Meeting, ENGAGE Your Team

Team-Building MEETING MIX-INS:

Energizers, ice breakers, and team building activities play an important role in any meeting and we understand that at Catalyst Ranch. Sometimes you just need a bit of help to start your meeting with a bang, add a little zip in the middle or finish with a flourish!

Request an activity to be added to your session and we will help to match you with the perfect partner.  Whether you want your team energized, focused or unified, we’ve got you covered!

Take advantage of our In-House Resources

Pogo’s Activity Arcade:Our curated set of activities includes arts and crafts, brainteasers and team building challenges that add to your meeting day. All activities are self-guided and use materials already found in each Catalyst Ranch room.

Bring our ‘Mix In’ partners to the Ranch

We’ve vetted exceptional Chicago businesses with activities you can bring to the Ranch. We’ve categorized these team builders by what they bring to your group:

Get Up & Move  ●  Create Your Own  ●  Have Some Fun  ●  Entertain Me

Browse them all by scrolling down below!

Team Building Meeting Mix-Ins

We came out of our shell!

“Our nerdy and often reserved group came out of its shell and had a very open dialogue for paving the future of our field. Catalyst Ranch was just that – a hospitable and professional service combined with a zany and inspiring atmosphere.”

Dr. James PattonCenter for Rehab Robotics at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Brainstorming Playground

“Wow. Words cannot describe the awesomeness and creativity of this venue. I was here for a two day Rotary summit, and the best way I can think of explaining this place is that it’s a brainstorming playground for the creative adult. Think adult preschool environment. Awesome colors. Great, historic decor. Everything about this place is just great. I would definitely recommend it for team building sessions, private events, and meetings. It’s a great place to stretch your mind and imagination.”

Mitty,  Rotary International

Beyond Organized

“I knew this was the ideal place for a bash, but turns out it’s even cooler for a meeting. I joined 15+ colleagues for a day of learning, bonding and eating!  The atmosphere is so fun (love all the toys & candy) that it really gets those creative juices flowing. You also don’t need to worry about going hungry at Catalyst Ranch.  They kept our tummies full with an impressive spread during breakfast and afternoon snack time. Lunch was an option too, but we opted to head to one of the restaurants on Randolph instead. The peeps who work here happen to be total sweethearts and are beyond organized.”

Andrea,  Meeting Attendee

Create Your Own

Have Some Fun

Brain Teaser  Team-Building Meeting Mixin


Creativity Workshop  Team-Building Meeting Mixin


ImprovTeam-Building Meeting Mixin

thru Improv



Oddball Teambuilding for meetings




Oddball Teambuilding for meetings


Team-building Bollywood
Team-building Mixology
Team-Building Song Writing
Team Building Construction
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​Imagine better TEAMS with Catalyst Ranch!