Meeting Teambuilding and Energizers

Energize Your Meeting, Engage Your Team

Energizers, ice breakers, and team building activities play an important role in any meeting and we understand that at Catalyst Ranch. Sometimes you just need a bit of help to start your meeting with a bang, add a little zip in the middle or finish with a flourish!

Request an activity to be added to your session and we will help to match you with the perfect partner.  Whether you want your team energized, focused or unified, we’ve got you covered!

You’ll have no trouble building an awesome team when you choose an activity from our partner list!

Get Up & Move

  • Self-Defense
  • Bollywood Dance Lesson
  • Yoga

Create Your Own

  • Paint a Masterpiece
  • Write a Song
  • Make & Take Terrariums
  • Communicate Through Improv
  • Tell a Story

Use that Big Brain

  • Puzzle Hunts
  • Brain Teasers
  • Creativity Workshops

Entertain Me

  • Magic Show
  • Interactive Teambuilding
  • Creativity Workshops
Learn about these Mix-Ins

Or, keep it in-house and partner with us! Let us know what type of activity will best fit with your meeting goals and we’ll take it from there. Whether you want your team energized, focused, or unified, we can tailor any one of our fun exercises to meet your team’s needs.

Pogo’s Activity Arcade

The Pogo’s Activity Arcade is a handy dandy tool available only at Catalyst Ranch. This curated set of activities includes arts and crafts, brainteasers and team building challenges that add an extra activity to your meeting day.

“Our nerdy and often reserved group came out of its shell and had a very open dialogue for paving the future of our field. Catalyst Ranch was just that – a hospitable and professional service combined with a zany and inspiring atmosphere.”
Dr. James Patton, Center for Rehab Robotics at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Meeting Teambuilding
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