Blog titlecard reading: "Sea Moss. Siplicity. the Mossum Sweetie!"

Are you thinking about food RIGHT. THIS. SECOND?


At this point with nutrition and meal-related advertising coming at you from all angles, you’d be hard-pressed not to have your diet on your mind.

How soon is Lunch? Am I hydrated? Was that bagel the best choice? Did I make a wrong move? How much longer til I can have a snack? Is it even a snack if it doesn’t taste good?

We know that for our clients—and indeed for everyone, including ourselves!—those thoughts are running through our brains even while we’re trying to accomplish a sometimes-literal pile of tasks at work and at home.

Let us help quell those nagging thoughts.

In January, we announced our 2019 initiative to level up our Meetings’ Food&Beverage offerings with healthier, fresher options. A large part of that is a new lineup of exclusive partners featured on our breakfast and snack buffets.

Photo of the MOSSUM Sweetie, a round deep brown nugget made of sea moss, dark chocolate and nuts.

MOSSUM Sweeties on a dish at our Signature Snack Service.

Allow us to introduce our most highly anticipated addition: the MOSSUM Sweetie!

MOSSUM logo in green lettering

MOSSUM is a Food and Wellness brand that heralds the benefits of sea moss, a nutrient-packed vegetable that easily adds value to smoothies, salads, prepared meals and more. The brainchild of Kim Jean (Catalyst Ranch’s own Gathering Guru and Business Development Manager), MOSSUM’s debut sea moss treat is the refreshingly light Sweetie! Resident snack-devourer and gadabout Bryan sat down with Kim to learn the story behind the MOSSUM Sweetie.

Read this interview for more about this scrumptious, nutritious snack in this exclusive interview with Kim Jean!

Kim Jean, a beauBryan: Kim! Give us the facts. WHAT is a sweetie? 

Kim: Well, Bryan, the MOSSUM Sweetie is a perfect sphere made from dark chocolate, nutmeg, almonds and cashews, and of course the MOSSUM trademark: sea moss. It’s a healthy yet indulgent treat that’s hand-made, no-sugar-added, gluten-free and vegetarian.

I made this nugget of recognizable and natural ingredients to promote the joy of eating well, to introduce a way of doing right by your body while still satisfying your craving for a treat!

The MOSSUM Sweetie has the soft texture of chocolate and sea moss, plus the crunch of chopped nuts. But with no added sugar, it’s like a traditional chocolate truffle without being exclusively a heavy dessert.

B: Mmmm.. While I eat this one Sweetie and maybe an additional three Sweeties after that, will you tell me: what is the origin of the name, “Sweetie”?

K: I woke up one Saturday morning with an idea! I went into my kitchen and combined the ingredients I’d envisioned. I just knew what to do. When it was done, I tried it, the result surprised me greatly. After I tasted it, the name for this delicious and nutritious thing I had made came to me: Sweetie! I never second-guessed it. It’s as simple or not as simple as that.

B: Well that’s both simple and magical. Serendipitous!

K: Most definitely. Also, the word “sweetie” has cultural and historical significance for me. Sweetie was not only a term of endearment, but also what we called a variety of hard and soft candy treats in Caribbean St. Lucia, where I’m from. Just as I enjoyed a sweetie when I was growing up and savor memories of it now, you too can enjoy a MOSSUM Sweetie that is better than candy, and make memories of your own!

B: That’s so… for lack of a better term, sweet!

K: Oh, Bryan, you are too corny!

B: No that’s impossible, I have a corn allergy.

K: Hahaha! Do you really?

B: No, I’m a compulsive liar. But back to the MOSSUM Sweetie. What spurred you to champion sea moss?

Fresh Sea Moss, seen as a brownish plant.K: Well I’ve known it most of my life. Sea moss is an edible, red algae that’s naturally flavorless but loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

Growing up, we made a drink with spices and milk and of course sea moss. And not fancy at all, the drink was called simply “Sea Moss”. It is known throughout the Eastern Caribbean, and I learned how to make the drink through my mother.

When I moved to Chicago I made it occasionally, but it wasn’t until I did research that I realized how powerful this little sea vegetable is. I made a conscious decision to make it part of my diet. When I saw tangible results from daily use, early on I said to myself, “Everyone should know and use this!” I started MOSSUM, a company that specializes in the creation of products with sea moss.

This incredible food contains, among other treasures, iodine that helps protect the thyroid, and Vitamin K for tight skin. Sea moss’s nutritional properties help keep we well. It can do the same for you. It’s why I champion its use and why my company’s slogan is Eat.Drink.Sea Moss.

B: Wow. Sea Moss really does pack a lot of goodness. What a gift! Now I’m imagining instead of Aphrodite rising from the sea, the clamshell opens, et voila: Here’s a bounty of sea moss! You’re welcome, world!

K: Hahahah! Absolument!

MOSSUM Sweetie logo, in orange lettering.B: Anyways, how do you enjoy a MOSSUM Sweetie?

K: There’s no wrong way to enjoy a Sweetie, sweetie!

B: Oh, you!

K: It’s a great addition to your breakfast without being heavy, and it’s convenient to pop in your mouth in the middle of the work day. It’s handy fuel to keep you going, and a great alternative to that chocolate, check-out aisle candy.

B: But what about Kim Jean, herself. How do YOU enjoy a MOSSUM Sweetie?

K: Hmm. I really love to have one or two on my way to yoga in the early morning, but you know what’s even better? My MOST favorite way to have a Sweetie is when I am curled up on my couch, always snugly wrapped in my plush throw blanket—and occasionally with a glass of Malbec! I close my eyes and savor the aroma and flavor of the ingredients…

B: Ahh that sounds perfect. Thanks for the chat, Kim!

K: You’re very welcome!

Our Meetings clients can find MOSSUM Sweeties every day at our Continental Breakfast and at our Signature Snack Service in the afternoon.

For more about our Food and Beverage options for Meetings, view a PDF of our Menus by clicking on this text.

To find more about MOSSUM and purchase MOSSUM Sweeties, click here!