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Since 2002, we’ve introduced business professionals and creative minds to our revelatory environment, sparking unprecedented innovation and igniting imagination.

In our meeting spaces, you have plenty of room. That’s room as much for social distancing as for moving about. And as you explore, memories are sparked by our collection of vintage and ethnic furniture, art and toys, and all your critical-thinking synapses fire. The same ones that lie dormant in your office cubicle.

Immersed in our brand of irreverence and nostalgia, the amount of inspiration you experience–and the level of productivity that results–is simply put, magical. Shazam!

We’re Chicago’s go-to venue for all corporate and nonprofit meeting needs:

Strategic planning meetings, Leadership/Staff retreats, Board meetings.

Training seminars, Teambuilding, Ideation and brainstorming sessions.

Trade conferences, Association meetings, Sales meetings, Workshops.

Consumer market research/focus groups (See our Focus Group page).

We’re a one-stop-shop for meetings. And that includes your need for in-person/virtual Hybrid Meetings.

New Meeting Formats for Social Distancing and Remote, Virtual Access

With our room to roam and video conferencing technology, meetings thrive even with small-group restrictions.

Covid-19 Safe Meeting Types
Covid-19 Safe Meeting Types
See our Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Formats

Four unique and dynamic spaces

Ranging from the smallest space, the intimate Foxtrot Room

…to our newest, biggest space: the sprawling and versatile urban flat, The Samba!

We have the room to fit whatever you need.

See our TOUR page for Floor Plans

Our resources and relationships check all your boxes

Our service is legendary. We pride ourselves on a staff of professionals devoted to helping meeting clients and planners achieve the results they need.

Our meeting caterer is a big deal. We have a longstanding partnership with renowned gourmet caterer Big Delicious Planet that has ensured our meeting attendees’ bodies are as nourished as their minds.

Our neighborhood and our city are ideal. We can help find perfect accommodations and vetted activities and amenities close at hand in Chicago’s West Loop.

Our resources are vast, and we’re eager to share. We’ve met some incredibly talented folks over the years who can help anyone who feels their meeting could use a boost or who just wants a neutral individual with fresh ideas to lead the day’s proceedings. Ask us about facilitator referrals, energizing activities, creative team-building options or our Meeting Bundles.

Our venue is safe. We have diligently updated our safety and sanitation protocols to ensure your safety from coronavirus.

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10 Reasons Why Meetings Are More Effective at Catalyst Ranch



Providing an unexpected physical environment helps clear the mind of preconceived notions & opens it to new ideas.



Vintage furniture, furnishings & toys remind meeting attendees of their childhoods when their imaginations were boundless & allowed to run free.

Effective Meeting Rooms - Embrace diversity of thought


Blending a vast array of cultural items signals that different cultures & ways of thinking are valued and encouraged.

Effective Meeting Rooms - Engage the senses


A physical environment which engages all the senses & tunes up the brain’s receptivity of powerful new ideas & different ways of perceiving.

Effective Meeting Rooms - Room to roam


Rooms are 3-4 times larger than the norm giving meeting attendees room to wander & explore which frees up thinking.

Effective Meeting Rooms - Natural light


Each one of our meeting rooms has multiple windows that provide tons of natural light.

Effective Meeting Rooms


Instead of giving you many small, windowless rooms to use as breakouts, we’ve incorporated them into your meeting room.

Effective Meeting Rooms - Tailor Made Meeting and Events


Flexible space encourages new meeting formats—nothing standard here. Not sure how to set things up? Let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll lend you our expertise.

Effective Meeting Rooms - We partner with Meeting Planner


Dedicated staff who offer ideas, tips and support before, during and after your meeting. Ranch Hands at your beck & call will ensure no tech failures, catering disasters or missing meeting supplies.

Effective Meeting Rooms - No Pricing Surprises


All-inclusive pricing including on-site support staff, A/V, snacks & drinks. No catering minimums apply, no hidden charges for extras.

I was very impressed with your facility. It was the most efficient, easy, colorful meeting venue I have ever attended. Your team covered everything! It was so nice not to have to lug meeting supplies with me! The food was incredible and everything was on time! The natural light is incredible, loved the windows all throughout our space. This was all incredible but your staff topped the list (I keep using “incredible” because I feel it’s the best choice to describe the experience)! They were so accommodating and helpful, I did not have to worry about anything, which is invaluable when trying to run a meeting. Kudos to you and your staff for putting together such an awesome venue. I will highly recommend this location to many!!!

Donna, Volkswagen Credit
If you looked up the word creative in the really big dictionary, Eva and Catalyst Ranch should be a part of the definition. Eva brings brilliance, innovation, results-driven, and fun to every event she hosts at Catalyst Ranch in Chicago. When we have used her extraordinary facility and over-the-top hosting, it has left participants amazed with the business insights and discoveries unleashed by the special setting, clamoring to return, and eager to get business cards to recommend Catalyst to their friends. Eva’s warmth and customer-centric focus permeates her staff. Her attention-to-detail and artful decoration shines through every experience. And, her professionalism and zeal for client success makes every session, conference, meeting or event at Catalyst one that is truly over-the-top.
Chip Bell , The Chip Bell Group

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