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We don’t know for sure, but we’re guessing there hasn’t ever been an alien invasion or intergalactic supervillain threatening the Meetings Industry, but just in case, we’re ready with our own team of superheroes, who know first hand that your work space matters.

In February, we DOUBLED our roster of Client Service Managers when our veteran, Captain Incredible Kira Lynch-Karras, was joined by All-Star Ranch-Aficionado Matt Gubernick!

Photo of Kira, with long curly brown hair and wearing a blue mini-floral pattern blouse, and Matt, wit ha light brown beard and wearing a navy button-down shirt.This dynamic duo handles every curve ball that the world of meeting planning throws at them. The Client Services Office they share—which already has an super-charged energy from its Catalyst Ranch aesthetic—is now even less like a traditional office and …more akin to a superhero home base.

Bryan, our Ranch Johnny Carson, sat down with this pair of Meetings Pros to talk about their backgrounds and what makes their shared space work. After all, Catalyst Ranch knows a thing or two about creating work space that matters, that serves a purpose, that incites insight and propels innovation.

Get to know Kira and Matt, and how their work space matters:

Bryan: Salutations, super friends! Thanks for inviting me into your lair!

Kira: Hi, Bryan! Welcome!

Matt: Heyo! Make yourself comfortable!

B: Don’t mind if I do! So, this is us. Here. Now. How did we get here? What are your origin stories?

K: Well I’ve been hard at work, getting people to Catalyst Ranch, for a year and a half, having come from a storied history in the hospitality industry. And on Day One, the artwork and furniture is what sold me from the moment I walked in.

M: I’m the more recent addition to the Client Services team, but I’ve been in the Catalyst Ranch family for about 5 years.

B: Yeah, Matt, you’ve served in several roles with us prior to this position. Originally a Ranch Hand, you used your natural people-person skills and teaching talent to be our Energizer lead, while also taking care of business on the Admin side. What wisdom from those past roles do you find serves you most as a Client Service Manager?

M: I think being on the floor or at the Admin desk and just interacting with all sorts of attendees has really helped to grow those people skills and get to know our Clients and what their needs are.

B: Yeah, that’s so valuable. And Kira, you started off on the floor, too, on the Ranch Hand Team (our client-facing Operations Team). It was a natural fit since you know what it takes in the Service Industry to solve problems in the moment. What stays with you from that experience?

K: “Just keep breathing and you’ll be fine.”

B: Wise words! I imagine you two practice that a lot when you’re faced with the occasional obstacle in the planning process. And because of your help, our clients end up more than fineThey’re beaming by the end of their meetings!

B: So let’s talk about this space. As we know, our working environment directly influences the quality of our work—which is why our client rooms are so filled with color and stimulation.

What do you like most about this corner of the world in which you two work?

M: I love the shared office environment. It makes for a fun and energetic space.

K: There is definitely a lot of energy here now! It’s never dull or boring.

B: You know in traditional comic books, with teams like the Avengers or the X-Men, the lineup changes over time. With this duo, plus the addition of our Special Events Specialist Tatiana Lee, there is a noticeable uptick in positivity and activity in this room. It’s remarkable. Y’all even do regular office stretches and yoga now?

M: We shoot for a stretch/yoga break once a day.

K: Getting up from the desk is so important! Taking 5-10 minutes just to do some quick stretching can ease tension and give you a break from the To-Do’s of the day.

M: It’s a great way to move a little bit, refocus and get our zen on before the day is over!

K: The hardest part is remembering to do it.

B: Nevertheless, y’all are pretty good about it. Way to go, with keeping self care and your bodies in mind.

M: You know you’re always invited, Bryan, even though you don’t join us often…..just sayin…

B: You know very well that I attend when I’m not taking photos of—or, more often, sampling—some of our snacks. In fact my favorite part of your office is the wealth of treats y’all bring in. Kira, what have you made today??

K: Chocolate chip banana bread!

B: Oh thank you, I’ll just finish the rest of that container thank you very much. [Takes the Tupperware and makes for the exit]

M: Bryan, wait, are we done here?

B: Oh, I’m sorry, I was distracted by baked goods.

K: The Authorized Biography of Bryan.

B: How dare you. …Actually, yeah, that’s laser accurate. What about your favorite things in this room? What’s the most representative of You?

K: My little wooden elephant figurine.

M: My Rubik’s Cube.

B: Ahh now I know which objects I’ll stow your souls into when I overthrow this office. Mwahahah!

Photo of Barrel of Monkeys performance, with Bryan playing an evil lava wizard, commanding his shark minion.K: Does that make you …the super villain?

B: Don’t worry about it. What’s your favorite part about having each other share this space and as a co-worker?

M: It’s always super helpful to have someone right there to bounce an idea off of whenever needed.

K: It’s nice to have a teammate- I think Matt and I work well together. Even if we don’t agree on what music to play in the office.

B: I heard that was a point of contention in the Justice League too, from time to time… Lets fast-forward to the (theoretical, for now) Catalyst Ranch Picnic Cook-Out. You two are paired for the Three-Legged Race. Are you on the left or the right?

M: Probably the right. Left ankle isn’t as strong as the right one, sounds like a safer move. (Old Man Life)

K: No worries, Matt. I got you!

B: Awesome, love that teamwork! Well, thanks Kira and Matt for shedding some light on this vibrant space and your vibrant selves!

K: You’re very welcome.

M: Any time!

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