Titlecard: Fundraisers and More, Putting Parties Together!

You probably know what our main line of business is hosting corporate and nonprofit meetings.

What you may not already know is that we host a variety of celebrations and special events, too. And when it comes to fundraisers, our #vibrantvenue is the perfect environment for impressing donors and engaging supporters.

Get to know our Social Events Coordinator Tatiana Lee, and what she likes best about planning #fundraisers!

A smiling woman, Tatiana Lee from Catalyst Ranch. She wears a leopard print blouse under a black blazer.Tatiana, for you personally, what’s the hallmark of a great party?

Oh definitely the food! When I’m at a party, I know I’m having a good time if the nosh and refreshments are excellent!

And do you find you’re able to check that box—scrumptious food—for our Catalyst Ranch clients when you’re helping coordinate their social gatherings?

Oh, absolutely. I know that element means a lot to me as a party-goer. So I make sure my client has given proper thought to food and beverage. Luckily, I have an elite list of 14 awesome caterers to recommend! I do get a special kick out of seeing that box checked when it all comes together.

“When it all comes together.” So by that, do you mean when all the plans are underway and being executed exquisitely at the event itself?

Yes. That’s my favorite part of my involvement! Having been privy to all the details prior to the event, it’s that magic moment when all the machinations leading up to the event become reality at the start of the event itself.

Seeing all of the pieces come together at the wedding or fundraiser, with my client and the attendees all smiling, that’s so satisfying. That’s bliss.

You’ve seen your share of weddings at Catalyst Ranch. What other social events get your juices flowing as our coordinator?

Mitzvahs are always an electric, energetic event to host here. The vibrant environment really helps bring life to the celebration! There is also ample space for additional activities like photo booths, huge dance floors, graffiti artists and so on, so the possibilities are as wide as the imagination of these excited young celebrants.

And fundraisers, which by contrast often involve a more adult crowd, are so interesting too, for me. The benefit for me being involved with the coordinating is getting to support an important cause in such a fun way!








I should mention that, though a fundraiser is a different beast than say a wedding, the planning of a fundraiser can nevertheless get very involved sometimes, so by essentially being the ambassador for our venue and knowing the best ways to use our space, I get to grease the wheels of the whole process for the chairperson or planner I’m working with. It relieves a lot of the pressure of planning the event and allows the planner more opportunity to focus their attention on more pressing matters.

You recently put together a great event for Angel Wings Foundation! I saw the photos from that fundraiser, and that group had a great time!

Yes! Getting their annual benefit off and running was such a joy! Debbie from the Angel Wings Foundation has been coming to Catalyst Ranch for a number of years, and last year I worked in a different capacity to assist with the set up on the day-of.








This previous experience with her, having seen the specific details unique to this org and this event, really helped me this year. I had a head-start with Debbie because of our awesome history with Angel Wings, and could proactively get all her events’ needs met on our end. Which freed up her time to focus on other details! The fundraiser was a huge success!

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