We’re committed to being a GREEN Meeting & Events Space

We’re committed to being a GREEN Meeting & Events Space

Green Venue

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses a 14 point check list when considering meeting and conference space, and we are proud that Catalyst Ranch meets and exceeds all applicable standards!
Green Venue Dishes

What makes us a Green Venue?

  • Our recycling program starts with our vintage Americana furniture, décor and embellishments
  • Our spaces are filled with hundreds of live plants that bring nature indoors and help purify the air.
  • Our entire lighting system is made up of LED lights, the industry standard in energy efficient and eco-friendly lighting!
  • No wimpy dinnerware here! We use ceramic plates & bowls, stainless steel forks, knives & spoons, and our funky vintage coffee mugs and drinking glasses are the real deal. You won’t find Styrofoam or plastic from our dumpster occupying precious landfill space.
  • We use green cleaning products and washable cotton towels to clean up

  • Our location provides easy access to public transportation or shuttle services and almost all our employees either bike, walk, or take the CTA into work
  • We employ a paperless method of invoicing our clients
Green Venue Recycling

Our “Above and Beyond” Recycling Program

  • All of our un-served food is donated to Pacific Garden Mission located in Chicago’s South Loop
  • We use biobased and/or biodegradable products, including biodegradable plastic storage bags, garbage bags and boxed lunch containers
  • We recycle all plastic, paper, cardboard, electronics, batteries, ink cartridges, and even our one-liners! Plus, all of the paper products we use in house have already been recycled and each meeting room has its own recycling bin.
Green Venue Food Program

Food (We partner with great GREEN businesses too)

  • We purchase and use bulk dispensers or reusable containers for beverages, food and condiments
  • We serve Fair Trade Organic Coffee

We train our staff on the what & why concerning all our green initiatives.

*For more information on Green Meetings visit www.gmicglobal.org