Imagine MORE for your Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

We’ve been making corporate meetings more creative in Chicago’s West Loop since 2002. And our years of expertise in unlocking more creativity and innovation extends beyond the walls of our brick-and-mortar venue, for when your group can’t all be here in person.

Here’s how we make your virtual and hybrid meetings better:

We easily coordinate your multiple locales

Tech fuss? It’s handled.

We’ve done the legwork of digging through all the digital platforms out there and figuring out which ones work best for which specific meeting needs. We’ve come up with some creative solutions. And we handle the logistics of your tech on the day-of to ensure it all runs smoothly as you transition to each new segment of your meeting.

And for all of your technology needs that exceed our equipment, we have a trusted technology partner in SureCast AV. Their team of expert technicians, engineers and project managers have an arsenal of tools at their disposal to make your wildest webcast ideas a reality. 

Attendee engagement? In the bag!

We’ve dug up lots of great Virtual Meeting Mix-Ins and Meeting Add-Ons that we can include as part of the planning process to make sure you pull off a meeting that energizes and motivates your team.

Our venue is your broadcast HQ.

​When it’s feasible, we welcome you (or whomever is leading the meeting) to broadcast from our physical venue.

With our safe studio environment as the home base, attendees key in to the revitalizing freshness of our colorful locale.

We cover all your bases.

Everything else you need to make a virtual or hybrid meeting GREAT? We’ve got it.

  • Qualified facilitators to define the objectives and then build the flow of the meeting to ensure that those objectives are met
  • The right technical platforms and support to keep the meeting flowing smoothly and ensure everyone is participating fully and engaged
  • Energizer exercises to recalibrate tired brains
  • Interactive activities
  • Creative sparks provided by the contents of the Creative Meeting Experience Box

And we can make it all happen through our resources and planning expertise after 18 years of helping people run productive meetings in our creative spaces.

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Download a Meeting Informational PDF

Tell us your Virtual or Hybrid Meeting needs by sending us an inquiry, and we’ll show you how we’ll make it happen.

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