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#RanchAtHome – Virtual Zoom Backgrounds 2: Samba Boogaloo!

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Back in the spring when the Quarantine first started, we made [our first set of Zoom Virtual Backgrounds] for you to use to transport yourself to Catalyst Ranch. And with our impending Catalyst Ranch 18th Anniversary Virtual Party coming up on Wednesday, Nov 18 (RSVP here), when we'll give a debut tour of our newest space, [...]

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Recover from cancelled events: 15% off local team meetings in March

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A note for our Chicagoland business community: We know there's a lot that's in flux right now with postponed and cancelled travel. But we want you to know we've got your back. Your business doesn't have to miss a beat. Though out-of-town engagements have been scrapped, that important work can still be accomplished at a destination [...]

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Ranch Hand Hello: Special Events Manager Erika!

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Give a Ranch Hand Hello to Our Special Events Manager Erika! With our jubilant, colorful atmosphere, Catalyst Ranch is the perfect venue for more than creative meetings: we host the most memorable special events, too. And because hosting those special events—Weddings, Fundraisers, Mitzvahs and more—has its own herd of boxes to check, we have someone on [...]

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People-Pleasing Holiday Party Packages

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For a select few humans in society, there’s a crushing fear that keeps us up at night: that the company holiday party will suck. Yes, most folks don’t have to worry about that. Most folks aren’t tasked with planning, designing and booking the company party. But for the handful of folks on whom that noble duty [...]

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Work Space Matters. Ask Kira and Matt!

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We don’t know for sure, but we’re guessing there hasn’t ever been an alien invasion or intergalactic supervillain threatening the Meetings Industry, but just in case, we’re ready with our own team of superheroes, who know first hand that your work space matters. In February, we DOUBLED our roster of Client Service Managers when our [...]

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Circling Back with Art Maven MJ!

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Today we're having a FlashBack Friday and returning to our great friend MJ Ernst—truly one of our Catalyst Ranch family. Back in December 2015, we blogged an interview with this multi-hyphenate artist as we debuted the gorgeous Catalyst Ranch 2016 Coloring Book Calendar she illustrated for us.And what an apropos #FBF too, since she'll be leading two [...]

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Winnie the Pooh–Catalyst for Creative Thinking

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Thoughts on the movie Christopher Robin from our founder Eva Niewiadomski, exploring the essentially-Catalyst-Ranch ideas fueling our protagonist's change for the better in Winnie the Pooh–Catalyst for Creative Thinking. I went to see “Christopher Robin,” the new Disney movie, a few weeks ago because I had a free evening and felt like I needed a little [...]

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Episode #5 Meeting Mix-In Magic

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Previously on The Digital Adventures of Pogo... One can never be over prepared for an activity. For when you least expect it, the unexpected can occur. Ranchhands to the rescue! Meeting Mix-In Magic! The energized sounds from the Polka Room were building to a dull roar. Inside, Deborah, the meeting planner, watched the attendees become fully [...]

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Facilitator Spotlight: Ah Ha!

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Facilitator Spotlight: Ah Ha! What is Ah Ha! and what do you do? Ah Ha! has been facilitating insight and innovation for over 20 years! We are a facilitation and consulting company that works to inspire people, connect knowledge and illuminate possibilities. Our custom-designed, facilitated sessions can include qualitative research, ideation, design thinking and strategic planning. [...]

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Episode #3 To Play Or Not to Play

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Previously On The Digital Adventures of Pogo... Pogo, the creative soul of Catalyst Ranch, showed us that a change in environment can spark creativity and innovation in surprising ways, you just have to be open to trying new approaches in thinking. Ep.3 To Play Or Not to Play *Pogo is the Catalyst Ranch mascot. He represents [...]

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