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Your Own Plastic Recycling Workshop!

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"In case you didn't notice. . " Everywhere you go, grocery stores are using less plastic bags, companies are reducing the use of plastic in their water and soda bottles, and eco-friendly companies are finding new ways to transport their products. The next logical question for someone concerned with the well-being of the planet and his or [...]

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The Amazing Paper Sculptures of Chie Hitotsuyama

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So you say you always wanted to see lifelike animals sculpted out of newspaper but never knew where to find them?  Well, look no further!  Paper artist Chie Hitotsuyama creates amazingly detailed three dimensional sculptures (the sleeping one above looks like Pogo's long-lost cousin!) out of everyday newspapers. By binding rolled and twisted wet newspaper, using the [...]

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The Surprising World of Your Creative Mind

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Catalyst Ranch is celebrating its 14th anniversary, and for all that time, we have understood the importance of environment.  We have colorful fuzzy pipe cleaners on the tables to bend into fun shapes.  Ethnic and contemporary art decorates every wall.  We have coffee brewing and elaborate snack services to satisfy smell and taste, and lively conversation [...]

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Meeting Tip of the Day for 8/8/16

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If you are looking to take your meeting to the next level, one of the best ways is to mix in a teambuilding exercise. Whether you are combining groups, shaking up your corporate structure, or just trying to get your co-workers to gel better, an activity that revolves around doing something together can do wonders.  Actively engaging [...]

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Women Entrepreneurs: My Kitchen Shrink

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We are pleased to present a new blog series featuring Women Entrepreneurs. We meet so many women who are hard- working, tenacious, creative and generous and we want you to meet them too. We ask about life, inspiration and curiosity and they answer as we would expect. With honesty and amazing spirit! Our first fabulous guest [...]

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Welcome to Creative Juice!

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Loyal blog readers, when you logged on to Blog.CatalystRanch.com this morning (as I know you do so diligently every morning, right?) you may have noticed some minor (read: massive) changes. We have been working hard over the past few weeks with designer and guest blogger Kristin Neperud Merz to totally overhaul the old Catalyst Ranch blog and [...]

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