If you are looking to take your meeting to the next level, one of the best ways is to mix in a teambuilding exercise. Whether you are combining groups, shaking up your corporate structure, or just trying to get your co-workers to gel better, an activity that revolves around doing something together can do wonders.  Actively engaging participants in the fun of designing and assembling projects for display and competition gets the juices flowing and breaks down barriers you may not have known were there.


At Catalyst Ranch we understand this, so we have partnered with the best vendors in Chicago to bring these exercises to life.  One of our partners, Corporate Event Interactive, has tapped into the popularity of the mobile eating concept with Food Truck Frenzy.


Teams show off their culinary creativity and innovation as they design, craft, and market a unique and delicious food truck concept.  When the time comes, each team wheels their truck to the judges table to present their concept and let the judges sample their wares as they determine which team deserves the Keep on Truckin’ certificate!


Read more about this and all the other Creating and Building Events on the Corporate Event Interactive website.