Chie Hitosuyama paper monkeys

So you say you always wanted to see lifelike animals sculpted out of newspaper but never knew where to find them?  Well, look no further!  Paper artist Chie Hitotsuyama creates amazingly detailed three dimensional sculptures (the sleeping one above looks like Pogo’s long-lost cousin!) out of everyday newspapers.

By binding rolled and twisted wet newspaper, using the colored print of each newspaper, she produces anything her artistic mind conjures up.  She prefers to concentrate on animals as her subjects though, honing in on the every day lives they lead.  “They are living ordinary everyday lives just like us,” the Japanese artist says.  “I would like

[to] keep insisting on reality and producing my life-sized work as much as possible in order to convey their lives.”

Just look at this fantastic sleeping beast!

chie hitotsuyama paper rhino

To learn more about the artist’s process and passion for her work, click here for a beautiful short documentary titled Paper Trails.

If you would like to check out Hitotsuyama’s work in Chicago, it is at the Jeffrey Breslow Gallery  in the West Loop.  When you come down for A Christmas Carol, bring the family and marvel at these exquisite paper animals.

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