For a select few humans in society, there’s a crushing fear that keeps us up at night: that the company holiday party will suck.

Yes, most folks don’t have to worry about that. Most folks aren’t tasked with planning, designing and booking the company party. But for the handful of folks on whom that noble duty falls, WE SEE YOU.

Your group has some picky tastes that can only be satisfied with a specific, unique experience…

We know the conundrums you face when trying to please a large group looking to have fun. It’s not as simple as buying enough wine and hiring a bartender, oh no.

You want your attendees to feel engaged and entertained and happy they’re there. You want to make sure the event is both memorable and fun. And perhaps your group has some picky tastes that can only be satisfied with a specific, unique experience…

Well, let us ease your burden with our Ranch-vetted Holiday Party Packages. On top of the delicious food and bar, each package also features an entertaining main event that can perfectly please the picky people in your company.

If your company has any of the following picky tastes, a Catalyst Ranch Holiday Party Package is a Can’t-Lose.

Picky People: Your group yearns to get some motion into their bodies and learn new skills. They love art and culture…

Perfect Party: A Group Lesson in Bollywood Dance!

Our friends at Meher Dance Company come in and teach the group classic Bollywood Dance moves to pumping beats infused with American pop music. Blood will be flowing while everyone soaks in Indian Bollywood fun!

Picky People: Your group wants a Show! They want to be amazed and bewildered…

Perfect Party: A private performance from a master magician!

Third-generation magician Dennis Watkins is a Chicago legend whom you may have seen on Penn & Teller: Fool Us. At Catalyst Ranch he tailors his signature show, The Magic Parlour, to the desires of your company to amaze them with his spin on mind-boggling magic and mind-reading.

Picky People: Your company craves adrenaline-rushing collaboration…

Perfect Party: A Ranch-hosted, Escape Room-style Puzzle Hunt!

Puzzle makers The Mystery League is a Chicago operation that crafts awesome story-driven games that groups love. This party package is great for a cohort that digs using their noggin and loves being part of a story, whether it’s solving an Escape Room, searching for Hidden Treasure, or stopping a worldwide robot takeover!

Picky People: Your team loves competition and the glory of winning big…

Perfect Party: An exciting and funny Game Show that crowns a winning team!

Corporate Event Interactive, our partners for this Game Show Package, throw your company into a wild and zany game show with a spirited emcee, creative questions, and “fabulous” prizes for the team who ends up winning the whole shebang!

We’ve got such a diverse array of Holiday Party Packages, there’s no doubt your company’s party can have a blast at Catalyst Ranch! Want to make the first move in booking your event here? Drop us a note with more info about your event to get a quote!


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