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Guest Blog with Ida Abdalkhani

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SEVEN STEPS TO CURB YOUR PERFECTIONISM & ACCOMPLISH MORE By Ida Abdalkhani, Founder at Ability to Engage   I grew up in a depressed rust-belt city surrounded by pollution and decay.  I escaped, vigorously pursued my undergraduate studies and leadership activities at Ohio State, added an MBA with honors, helped build multiple brands at one of [...]

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7 Steps to Curb Your Perfectionism & Accomplish More

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We are so excited to introduce guest blogger, Ida Abdalkhani, Founder and President of Ability to Engage, a consultancy that specializes in the development and co-creation of brand equities, new ideas, and consumer insights.  If your perfectionist tendencies have ever hindered your productivity, stress level, or self-esteem, read on to learn that you are not alone and steps [...]

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