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#RanchStyle Spotlight: The Wardrobe Trunk

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This week we bring to you a new story feature on our Creative Juice Blog: The #RanchStyle Spotlight! We'll highlight one of the many unique pieces of furniture and décor that go into making our singular, Catalyst Ranch #creativeenvironment and get the inside scoop on its origin and Ranch history as told by some of our [...]

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The Basics of Role Playing Games

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An exclusive event for People Leaders An introduction to The Basics of Role Playing Games and possible applications in the workplace When wrestling with today's workplace challenges, What Do You Do? Have a seat at the table with comrades facing common ordeals! Create your own Dungeons & Dragons - style fantasy environment. Build characters, set goals, gain experience and roll the dice. During your adventure together, simulate your [...]

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Matchbooks: Jeff Bauer, Author of Upgrading Leadership’s Crystal Ball

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At Catalyst Ranch, Chicago's most creative meeting venue, we host a series of events that are open to the public wherein thought leaders come to share their insights.  Our Matchbooks series is a quarterly review of books on business innovation and creativity to ignite the imagination.  Join us for light refreshments, an insightful presentation, and lively [...]

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Imaginative Customer Service

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Imaginative Customer Service to “Take their Breath Away!” If you’re looking for a way to super charge your team on what real customer service means, we highly recommend "Take Their Breath Away(TM): How Imaginative Service Creates Devoted Customers” by Chip Bell and John Patterson, customer service specialists. Successful companies know that excellent customer service is the [...]

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FableVision — On a Mission to Infuse Kids with Creativity

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If kids are part of your life, you probably already know the work of Peter H. Reynolds. Peter’s simple, charming books — Ish, The Dot, and Someday – encourage kids to be creative by teaching that what they make, “doesn’t have to be perfect, only perfect-ish.” His books are bestsellers and a favorite among kids, parents, [...]

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