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Kaleidoscope and the NEXT Program: Shaping Better Lives for Kids

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Kaleidoscope is a child welfare agency that has served youth and families impacted by abuse and neglect for over 40 years.  Kaleidoscope's NEXT Employment Program is part of the Adult Connections five-year federal research project and pilot program managed by Children’s Home + AID whose mission it is to partner with children, youth and families, whose [...]

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Happy Anniversary: Thanks & Giving!

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Well Creative Juicers, today is a very special day here at Catalyst Ranch. Today is the 11 year anniversary of our very first meeting. On that fateful day 11 years ago the very first clients walked in the (freshly painted) doors of Catalyst Ranch. Back then we were only one floor and the staff was more [...]

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FanFair Entry – Kaleidoscope

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An entry for our Biggest Fan Contest from Ticia Smith, Tom Finnegan, and the rest of the amazing team from Kaleidoscope: The Story of Pogo How he came alive Once upon a time, 10 years ago to be exact a monkey named Pogo began to come alive.  Immediately he showed himself to be an entertainer. He [...]

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