An entry for our Biggest Fan Contest from Ticia Smith, Tom Finnegan, and the rest of the amazing team from Kaleidoscope:

The Story of Pogo

How he came alive
Once upon a time, 10 years ago to be exact a monkey named Pogo began to come alive.  Immediately he showed himself to be an entertainer. He loved bright colors, vintage furniture and toys, and wanted to create a space for all to see and share in his favorites.

His creator, Eva, knew how creative and innovative Pogo would become given the right space. His new home would need to provide space for free-thinking, have movable walls, and allow all of his creator’s fun decorative artwork and decorations to have a home. This space became known as Catalyst Ranch. Pogo was thrilled! (see mosaic smile)

Over the ten years Pogo and Catalyst Ranch have grown up and together. They accumulated fans all over the fair city of Chicago, including Kaleidoscope. Pogo especially liked Kaleidoscope because of the great service they provide to our neediest children. Kaleidoscope became a huge fan of Pogo and Catalyst Ranch because of their friendly ranch hands, colorful and creative spaces.  Kaleidoscope instantly knew they must have their art show at Catalyst Ranch. It was a perfect fit! And so it became the home for the 9th and 10th annual kid art show.

Our Ranch Hands Caitlin, Erica, Nathan, Michael, and Lauren were all wonderful in pulling off our favorite event in our new favorite spot! With Catalyst’s help and expertise Kaleidoscope raised lots of awareness and money for their kids and families. And this made Pogo whole.


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Hope to see you at the FanFair: Catalyst Ranch’s 10th Anniversary Party on November 15!