Kaleidoscope is a child welfare agency that has served youth and families impacted by abuse and neglect for over 40 years.  Kaleidoscope’s NEXT Employment Program is part of the Adult Connections five-year federal research project and pilot program managed by Children’s Home + AID whose mission it is to partner with children, youth and families, whose potential is at risk, in order to create hope, opportunity, and bright futures.  Adult Connection’s goals are: demonstrating that youth in foster care need more support, providing foster care professional resources and mentors and providing employment opportunities as they prepare to emancipate.


NEXT is a youth driven program that delivers one-on-one job readiness training, employment placement, and follow up services to wards of the state.  To date, NEXT has served 82 youth and is preparing to enter its fifth and final year of federal funding.


NEXT has been accompanied by small business and corporate partners including Catalyst Ranch, Walgreens, ALDI, and At Your Service. However, as NEXT prepares to come to a close and state budget cuts are looming, Kaleidoscope is seeking additional community partners and corporations to keep the motivation and success of the program.  In order to maintain its success, we are seeking partners that are able to provide entry level positions along with professional mentors.  NEXT and its partners have witnessed the amazing resiliency of these youth.  They want to become successful members of our communities, but need our help to achieve this.


For more information please visit Kaleidoscope’s website at http://www.kaleidoscope4kids.org/  or contact Liz Mulkern at 773-292-4064.