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Networking with a Catalyst Ranch twist. And you can join in-person OR virtually: Offbeat Networking is a Hybrid event!

Join us for a networking event unlike any you have ever attended before.

We know the images that networking probably conjures up in your mind – both positive and negative – and we’re planning on exploding them and starting afresh with a totally novel concept.

Sometimes the best connections come from the most unexpected people. But we never even start a conversation with those people. We’re intimidated. We don’t think that they are a likely prospect for our product or service. We pre-judge. We narrow the diversity and eclectic flavor of our networks without even realizing it.

But Catalyst Ranch has always been about diversity in thinking and fostering conversations, so this event is a way to bring what we do for meetings to the networking event. We promise an evening that is

Unexpected. Playful. Fun. Thoughtful. Provocative. Friendly. Offbeat.

You’ll just have to trust us. We don’t want to spill the beans of what we’ll be doing but we promise it’ll be a memorable night.

And we’re trying something new on top of format busting. We’re mixing in-person and virtual participation. Hybrid Networking is born! Yes, it’s a thing now. But don’t worry about getting lost in the crowd. We’re limiting our headcount to ensure meaningful connecting as well as COVID safety.

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Please be advised: In-person attendees are required to wear masks. If you are feeling unwell on the day of the event, you should not come to the venue and are welcome to join virtually.


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CATALYST RANCH, Chicago’s Creative Meeting and Event Solution

Catalyst Ranch is Chicago’s authority on creative meetings and events, both in-person and virtually. Since 2002, we’ve been activating creativity and innovation for clients worldwide, and we’re dedicated to making all your meeting goals a reality. We’re your trusted partner, taking the stress out of meeting planning and delivery.

A woman-owned business and pioneers of Chicago’s prolific West Loop neighborhood, our brick-and-mortar venue is located at 656 West Randolph Street. For a truly revitalizing experience, visit us in person and immerse yourself in our stimulating, unexpected environment! Until then, get a peek at www.catalystranch.com.

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