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INTRAPRENEURSHIP: Leveraging Team Creativity for Innovation & Growth

General Assembly Chicago brings a FREE event to Catalyst Ranch - INTRAPRENEURSHIP: Leveraging Team Creativity for Innovation & Growth. The landscape of economic, social and environmental issues in the world calls for new, creative and innovative approaches to business. Markets are shifting as people and technology are driving trends that leave behind the traditional model of profit-maximizing businesses. Creatives now possess an important competitive advantage that they can put to action at their organizations, not only for their own success, but also for profit and social impact. We can leverage creativity by nurturing entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, or simply developing our own creative leadership skills to benefit career advancement or bring innovative approaches to our organizations.

This event seeks to inspire creative leaders through the success stories of real people and companies that are using creativity as a catalyst for innovation and growth.

Learn about:

  • Multidisciplinary collaboration that leads to innovation
  • The integration by design of sustainability in business
  • Social responsibility beyond checking a corporate box
  • Using culture as differentiation and competitive advantage
  • Adapting new technologies to local realities
  • Creative thinking to build talent, consumer base and new markets

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