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CreativeMornings’ Evening FieldTrip: Strategic Decision Making

CreativeMornings' evening FieldTrip series presents: Strategic Decision Making

April 18, 6pm-8pm

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It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the decisions you have to make. Too often you either don’t decide anything or do too much. Either way, you are left stressed and exhausted. This workshop will include some time to get to know other attendees, and will discuss a decision making strategy that you can use to stay motivated and efficiently work toward your goals, and if implemented enough, can eventually become a habit. Photo of presenter Dr Benjamin Ritter, holding a microphone.


Benjamin Ritter, MBA, MPH, EdD, is a social entrepreneur and expert in the fields of personal and professional development with the mission to simplify health, wealth, and happiness. He is the founder Live for Yourself (LFY) Consulting, a personal and professional consulting service that works with clients to become the author of their own personal guidebook to fulfillment, and then integrates those teachings into their everyday lives.

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