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Title card with the text "There's New Breakfast Gold in them thar hills!" over a drawing of avocado toast and background of sprawling hills.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yeah yeah, that’s old news.

What’s NEW is how easy it is to make breakfast your own. The customizable, individualized breakfast trend is available at Catalyst Ranch too, now more than ever! With Spring in full swing, we’re ushering in a new season of breakfast options.

That’s right, our kitchen has been up to new morning magic. To keep up with our spiffed-up, healthy-and-homemade snacks and our exclusive offering of MOSSUM Brand Sweeties, we’ve just revitalized our breakfast choices for our Meetings clients, so that whatever your needs are, you can pick out the perfect option to ensure your event’s attendees are getting that most important meal!

With our new bowl bar, toast bar and more options, you’ll find BREAKFAST GOLD in them thar hills, pardner!

Crunch! Munch! Jumpstart!

Jumpstart your meeting with a healthy bowl of nutrition bursting with flavor, made just the way you like it. With this new breakfast option, you grab a bowl and fill it with either yogurt, granola or cereal—or do a mix of all of them. Then the fun begins. Your attendees then tailor their bowls to whatever their stomach desires! Choose from a multitude of toppings: chia seeds, shredded flax, chocolate chips, sliced almonds, brown sugar, freshly-cut fruit and much, much more.


Giddy Up, It’s Toast Y’all!

We all need a bit of Giddy Up N’ Go in the mornings, and one of our favorite ways to get it goes like this:

  1. Start with bread—or bagel, crumpet, gluten-free slices, and more!
  2. Get it crisp in the toaster, and then…
  3. Top your unique toast with any delectable mix from our array of spreads, fruits and veggies. Avocado Toast, anyone?? You can even add sliced meats or smoked salmon to this toast bar!

The combinations are limitless. Let your imagination go wild and wake up those taste buds as well as those creative brain cells!


Buckaroo Breakfast Bonanza

When your group is as hungry as a pack of cowboys fresh from riding herd, set them up with the ultimate breakfast spread, our deluxe Buckaroo Breakfast Bonanza: You’ll get everything available in BOTH the previously mentioned bowl and toast bars (Cereal, oatmeal, yogurt and toppings! Toast, spreads and toppings including Hard Boiled Eggs!), PLUS a selection of artisan cheeses AND a bounty of freshly baked croissants, scones, and muffins! You’d better have room in your stomach!


Bronco Smokin’ Hot Breakfast

If your team needs a bit of igniting to get them going in the morning and sustain their energy, then our Bronco Smokin’ Hot Breakfast will fill ’em up nice and dandy! Our Meetings catering partner Big Delicious Planet has been providing our guests with savory quiches, silky scrambled eggs, fruity crepes and more for more than 16 years. For a down-home breakfast with a full entrée for each guest, this is the way to go!


Click here for a menu of all these breakfast options available for your Meetings, including pricing and detailed components included in each!