Catalyst Ranch Breakfast and Beyond

Danielle Erby

We’ve got new tricks up our sleeve for our clients!

One of the things we truly all got behind at our 2019 Strategic Planning sessions was the priority to bring even more healthy and natural items to all aspects of our food service, including our breakfast, lunch and snack offerings. Get ready to see plenty of nut mixes, seeds and grains, and more handheld fruit.

Danielle Erby, our Morning Shift Captain, oversees the daily execution of the bulk of our food service. We’re lucky to have her because as a mother and gifted cook, she has an intuition about what the chicks in her coop need to be nourished. Get to know Danielle and what she has to say about our revitalized breakfast and beyond!


What’s your favorite food memory?

I remember one day after school it was raining really bad, I was so cold and upset.  My mom must have known what a terrible state I would be in, because when I got home, to my surprise she was there and she had a bowl of chicken noodle soup and homemade butter cookies ready for me. She helped me get out of my wet coat and shoes, and cheered me up after I had to walk in the rain.  That was the moment I connected home-cooked meals with love and comfort.

Danielle and our Operations Manager Byanca pose with each of their sons.

Danielle and our Operations Manager Byanca pose with each of their sons.

As a mother, how does food play a special part in your home?

Just this weekend, actually, my 12-year-old son talked me into having a game night at our house. We have had game nights before, and our family comes over, Malakhi’s aunts and uncles and cousins, and it’s always a good time. But this time, we didn’t tell people about it ahead of time. …You know, people will really go out of their way when there’s food. Especially my food! When I told them I was cooking, they knew exactly what they were doing that night: Game Night at our house!

What is your favorite part about Catalyst Ranch’s food service?

I love the reactions of the clients when they see the breakfast spread. When a group streams in from the cold, like I did that one day as a kid, they instantly brighten up at the sight of a meal just for them. People bond over it immediately. It’s amazing how food brings everyone together. They have the same reaction with our morning snack baskets and at our Signature Afternoon Snack Service.  I always tell my clients that no one will ever be hungry here at the Ranch!

I also love how much we have to offer for breakfast. We have plenty of options for hot breakfast meals catered by Big Delicious Planet, and having those options allows for making space and plates for every and any diet restriction that a client may have. And as for our continental breakfast, I take pride in our house-blended cream cheeses we put out for bagels and toasts. The flavors we have served are often unexpected but delicious.

One of the new initiatives at Catalyst Ranch is a refocus on healthier food offerings. What excites you about this new aim?

I’m excited about trying out new recipes, especially for some of our clients who are vegan. Some unfortunate people are used to being overlooked because of their diet, and the pleasure you see on their faces when they can dig right in with everyone else is something to behold.

For myself, it does make me a little nervous to be making and serving recipes I haven’t made before, so I’m always excited when people actually eat it and like it.  I like seeing people happy and enjoying themselves, and good, wholesome snacks play a part in that.

A few recent freshly-made, vegan offerings:

Chimichurri White Bean Vegetable DipVegan Apple Pie SaladVegan Chocolate&Avocado Snack Dip