Welcome to Catalyst Ranch. We Make Better Meetings.

We Make Better Meetings. Even when they’re not at our venue!

Virtual meetings are the norm now. But how do you add our vital creative spark to your proceedings if you can’t be at our space?

Now you can incite the creativity and innovation we’re famous for—even for your remote meeting group—with our small but powerful way of recreating the Catalyst Ranch experience.

Add some Zing to your Zoom

Re-energize your team with our antidote to virtual-meeting exhaustion! With our Creative Experience Box, you and your teammates each receive a hand-packaged box in the mail containing the elements for a shared, creative experience.

And the box contents are chosen by you! Yes, YOU choose the individual items, but we’ve done all the legwork in sourcing the unique components. Our curated menu makes it super easy to design your meeting’s custom box experience.

More than just a gift box, the contents of our Creative Experience Box are:

  • Tangible: Holding actual books and objects grounds your teammates in reality and brings them back from zoning out, staring at a computer screen.
  • Personal: You select the items your team will love the most. Each box is unique to your meeting, and the Creative Experience will be entirely unique to your team.
  • Mindful: The items on our menu aren’t soulless or mass-produced: We’ve sourced them from small business peers and local Chicago businesses.

The result is a special, communal experience stimulating creative thinking, wellness and personal re-centering.

What’s in the box:

  • Our signature, limited-edition Incite Insight Notebook
  • Art & Creativity item
  • Game, Puzzle or Toy
  • Wellness & Self-Care item

We do all the work for you, including packaging and shipping, so you can concentrate on the rest of your meeting content.

In addition to making your virtual meetings more experiential, the Creative Experience Box is a perfect end-of-year gift for your staff, board members, or professional colleagues!

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for details on pricing and box contents!