Even when you’re not here, we jumpstart your creativity with our


Meetings happen everywhere.

And when it’s all or partially a virtual event, how do you excite and inspire your whole group in a shared, creative experience?

We’ve got your solution all boxed up!

How does it work?

  1. We curate a menu of box contents, all from trusted, Chicago small-businesses.

  2. You choose the items for your group

  3. We box and ship to all your attendees

What’s inside?

  • A Think-Outside-The-Box item — from a selection of creative-thinking puzzles, games and toys
  • An Arts & Creativity item — discuss and make art with a book or activity set
  • A Wellness & Self-Care item — from a selection of soothing products
  • A tasty snack — to feed your stomach while you feed the brain
  • All the Catalyst Ranch staples — an Incite Insight notebook, Play-Doh, colorful pipe cleaners, candy and more!

Email Kira@catalystranch.com to see our curated contents menu and start putting your Creative Experience together.