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Can Coloring Books Advance Your Career?

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At Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s creative meeting venue, our meeting rooms are equipped with all kinds of supplies to ensure the success of your meeting. One important staple is simply a pen cup on every table. You won’t just find your everyday black and blue ink pens in these colorful cups; they are stocked with colored pencils, markers, [...]

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The Art of Doodling

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“Millions of people claim they can’t draw. The truth is that we all doodle, and these little pictures can literally be life-changing!”  ~Diane Durand Doodle Institute founder Diane Durand is working in partnership with Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s unique meeting venue, to present a series of workshops on the fine art of doodling!  It just so happens [...]

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Diane Durand and Discovery Doodles!

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We're smack in the middle of Big Draw Chicago and all of us at Catalyst Ranch are having a blast checking out all the amazing events! We've already written at length about what an amazing project Big Draw Chicago is and Catalyst Ranch is so proud to be one of its sponsors! If you aren't familiar with [...]

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