“Millions of people claim they can’t draw. The truth is that we all doodle, and these little pictures can literally be life-changing!”  ~Diane Durand

Doodle Institute founder Diane Durand is working in partnership with Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s unique meeting venue, to present a series of workshops on the fine art of doodling!  It just so happens that the Doodle Institute mascot, Apollo, is a monkey.  Our mascot, our beloved Pogo, is also monkey!  Really, it was serendipity for us to come together to offer these insightful sessions all about the power of doodling!  Ms. Durand has spent years studying and teaching the art of effective doodling to people of all ages.  Even if you think you can’t draw – especially if you think you can’t draw – join us for a                Doodle Institute Mini Session: Sketchbook Basics at the Ranch on September 18!

Pogo & Apollo

Pogo & Apollo

Many people tend to think and learn with pictures in addition to words, which is part of the reason that graphic facilitation and graphic recording have become so popular in meetings, seminars, and conferences.  If you’d like to learn more about using doodling to reach your professional goals and unlock your personal potential, come on down to the Ranch to learn more!

doodle institute business Apollo

In this inspiring interactive session, you’ll learn all about

  • The basics of the drawing shapes, people and color
  • Creating simple, colorful and dynamic diagrams
  • Building roadmaps and flow charts designed for ideation
  • The power of arts and healing
  • Tools you can use to build your doodle toolkit

All of that in just one session?  Let’s get this doodling party started!  Here are all of the details:

Thursday, September 18, 2014
6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Catalyst Ranch, 656 W Randolph St, Chicago
Cost: $30

Space is limited!  To RSVP, click here!

Doodle Institute Diane at Catalyst Ranch

Diane Durand (center) at the Ranch

Diane Durand is an artist, facilitator, speaker, coach, and published author!  She is President of Discovery Doodles, LLC and Chief Transformation Officer for Vizworld.com. She facilitates workshops with leaders in business, healthcare, and education, inspiring people to discover, dream, and doodle. The National Association of Professional Woman named Diane 2013-14 Woman of Year for Outstanding Excellence and Dedication to her profession and the advancement of women.  As Diane explains, “Doodling has been used to help people communicate and innovate for thousands of years. Through The Doodle Institute, anyone can unlock their ability to read their doodles deeper and take vital life-changing cues from them.”