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The ROI of Face to Face Meetings

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At Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s most creative meeting venue, we certainly believe in the value of face to face meetings.  Our meeting space is, of course, designed to bring people together and foster communication and innovation.  We practice what we preach!  Our Ranch Hands have internal meetings on a weekly basis, and we often have one on [...]

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Get the Creative Juices Flowing

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Sometimes you want to get people in a completely different mindset before you get to the meat of the business at hand. This is a great exercise to get them thinking about everything but your business - specifically a business they know nothing about. It’s also a great way to level the playing field amongst meeting [...]

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Fill In The Blanks – Fun With Meetings

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  Here’s a very easy and fun way to start a meeting, using the talents in the room to redesign the environment and give it some pizzazz.   Assignment: Draw the missing half of a face of a person. Allotted Time: 5 minutes Go through a bunch of magazines and cut out interesting photos of people.  [...]

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Using Environment to Enhance Meeting Productivity

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Why do people say that they need a change of environment or some fresh air when they feel that they’re getting caught in a rut, a routine, stuck on a problem that they can’t seem to be able to solve?  Because a new environment has the potential to take the mind to a wondrous place filled [...]

Gain a New Identity and Break the Ice at Your Next Meeting

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Sometimes the best ideas can be found in children’s books. For example, you can find a great icebreaker by reading “Captain Underpants And the Perilous Plot Professor Poopypants,” by Dave Pilkey. One part of the story pertains to the evil Professor who forces everyone to assume new names. Now, who couldn’t use a new identity some [...]

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