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The Plagiarists’ mission is to steal from literature, visual art, history, and the culture at large to create new creative expression that finds the familiar in the strange, the unique in the commonplace, and ultimately enlarges the world. Plagiarist Salons are another way we put our theory into practice, providing a forum for artists to share their work and ideas with one another. They occur twice a year, with a single curator assembling group of artists creating a variety of works around a theme that relates to our season. Past salons have featured short plays, full-length readings, songs, dances, puppet shows, radio plays, readings of comic books, essays, a talk show, even the pilot for Christopher Piatt’s Paper Machete. This salon focuses on our season’s theme, TIME: The Beginning And The End of Everything. Each performer is exploring an aspect of time: the past, the present, or the future in a kaleidoscope of genres and forms.


The Salon is FREE and we will be offering snacks and refreshments for a suggested donation. Social Hour begins at 7, with the main event starting at 8:00.


The Plagiarists’ manifesto is “The Ecstasy of Influence,” an essay by Jonathan Lethem about cultural ownership and artistic influence which articulates our ideals and ideas about art and creation. We believe that art is a gift given to its audience and that drawing on those gifts to make your own work is how the artistic creation process works. We select our projects as a group, write much of our work collaboratively, and encourage collaborators to have a voice in its development.


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