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The Secrets of The Crystal Rainbow & Making Your Dreams Come True are workshops designed by Pe’er Pla’ot from Israel.

Secrets of The Crystal Rainbow

In The Secrets of The Crystal Rainbow & Making Your Dreams Come True workshops, you will have the opportunity to create a personal and intimate connection with one of the most powerful healing entities that exists on the planet based on ancient shamanic rituals from the Magical Galilee, located in Northern Israel.

By working with an individual crystal, from the sacred Mount Meron in Israel, we will reveal its embracing and gentle nature, aligning us with its essence, thus allowing us to increase emotional harmony in our everyday lives.

Crystal Workshop table setupEach participant will work with a specific crystal that was synced in advance with her/his specific energies. (Upon registration, a full name and picture is required)

The workshop consists of a deep energetic journey using shamanic tools and approaches towards harmonious everyday living and emotional management.

Email Pe’er to set up a private consultation before or after the workshop at: peer.plaot@gmail.com.
(Available times 10-11am or 5-6pm)

Pe’er Pla’ot has been a facilitator and educator for over 7 years facilitating his workshops throughout the world. He offers personal “Rainbow Waterfall” treatments for the retrieving of emotional harmony, along with crystal emotional healing workshops. He received his training from the Center for Shamanic and old feminine ways. He lives in Kfar Vradim, located in the Galilee of Northern Israel.

There are workshops on two consecutive days, September 29th (The Secrets of the Crystal Rainbow) and 30th (Making Your Dreams come True).  There is a discount for signing up for both.

September 29th Workshop Ticket

September 30th Workshop Ticket

September 29th and 30th Workshops Tickets (both)


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