Personal and Professional Productivity in the Digital Age with Amanda Neely

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Are you…

  • drowning in piles?
  • feeling overwhelmed?
  • under-valued?
  • in over your head?

Is your life characterized by…

  • busyness?
  • too much stuff to do?
  • too many ideas that never get accomplished?

Stop taking this productivity tip and that efficiency trick and never making progress. Learn to develop a productivity system from two local, social entrepreneurs who have become experts at productivity.

Running a nonprofit and a business, Brandon and Amanda Neely, owners of Overflow Coffee Bar, L3C, had to figure out how to be productive and keep their sanity in the process. They were able to create tactics and overcome the obstacles of being overwhelmed. They were able to control their inbox rather than their inbox controlling them.

Productivity is so individualized. What works for 1 person won’t work always for another.

During this workshop, attendees will learn:

  • The step-by-step process for developing your own unique productivity system.
  • How to defeat the piles and the over abundance of too many options and too much on your to-do list.
  • About the tools you need and how to control them (rather than let them control you).
  • How to setting up a digital command center.
  • How to tame your inbox instead of it eating at your time.

Our Guarantee: If you implement the steps we share, you’ll reclaim at least 2 hours each week.

Bonus Perks
– Coffee and treats (healthy and decadent versions) for all attendees.
– Workbook for notes during the workshop and post-workshop implementation.
– After the workshop, we’ll send you a video version to download and review as you implement.
– A post-workshop, half-hour strategy session with Amanda (the presenter) for additional questions and overcoming hurdles. (Must be completed within 90 days of the workshop.)

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Save $10 by registering before May 2.

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