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the kates provide an intimate night of comedy different from anything you’ll see at a typical Chicago club or late night bar.  Our mission is to showcase talented and hilarious female identified performers by creating inclusive and positive environments; This encourages artists to express their comic point of view in unique and non-apologetic ways – From darkly amusing musical numbers, storytelling, the awkward art of clowning, absurd solo performances, and uproarious stand-up comedy, the kates continue to crack up new audiences and ensure that loyal fans come back for more!
the kates provides unique opportunities to ladies in comedy, and showcases talent from all backgrounds,
perspectives, and cities around the US proving that women are equal in the eyes of comedy.

the kates is a platform that provides creative content, comedic educational services and positive performance spaces for women. Females occupy minimal leadership roles in most industries, the kates’ goal is to increase these numbers. the kates provide standup comedy classes to build female confidence, showcase female students and performers to encourage unapologetic behavior and hone public speaking skills, and create a community where women build self-worth while working together. the kates also works with teams of professional comedians, filmmakers and content creators to help established brands reach a wider female demographic, in innovative ways. Unlocking women’s voices with humor is not only key to their personal growth but will create stronger leadership and diversity across all industries; while hiring female comedians to collaborate with your brand will ensure you
are representing women in your global marketing mission, thereby increasing economic growth.
Stand-up comedy has been a rough road for women. Just ask anyone who’s been the only woman on a bill of male comedians or had to hold her own in an unfriendly room. But not only are women participating in a broad list of stand-up shows around the city, more also are producing comedy shows with an eye to nurturing women comics.

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