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Leadership Storytelling 101
Crafting a Brief and Brilliant Introduction

Question. After listening to a typical PowerPoint presentation, how much information do
you recall? Chances are, not too much. No, there is nothing wrong with your memory. For
over 25 years now, we have known that data is up to 20 times more likely to be remembered
if it is shared in the context of a narrative.

The trouble is, we dump data on our audience without weaving compelling narratives that
connect the data.

The gift of storytelling isn’t a mysterious inborn ability for a select few. Rather, it is a
powerful skill that everyone can learn and master. Join Leadership Story Lab to learn the
fundamental structure of a story and craft an engaging introduction.

Esther Choy speaking 2

Esther Choy, Founder and Chief Story Facilitator of Leadership Story Lab, will lead a
structured process so that participants not only learn more about storytelling, but also get to
practice it. Bring business cards to share. You will become a more effective storyteller, and
develop new and meaningful relationships!

Leadership Story Lab teaches Classical Storytelling to Modern Leaders©. Our institutional
and individual clients are searching for ways to more meaningfully connect with their
customers and partners. They operate in extremely competitive environments where
credentials and qualifications alone do not place them ahead. Our clients need a compelling,
memorable, and persuasive communication tool to connect with their audiences. And they
find storytelling to be the answer. Sample clients include Kraft, US Cellular, ZS,
Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Baxter, Allstate, BP, Brookfield Asset Management,
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group, and Girl Scouts. For more information, please visit us
at LeadershipStoryLab.com.

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