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Chicago Is Not Broke

What If Chicago Were NOT Broke – Implications for Our Future

by Tom Tresser

We are told by the mayor and a host of experts that Chicago is broke. They sold our parking meters. They closed 49 public schools, They closed six public health centers. City services are being trimmed. Public school budgets slashed and hundreds of teachers laid off. At the same time our property taxes and a host of regressive fees are rammed down our civic throats. What if Chicago were NOT broke? This presentation will introduce you to the authors and ideas from “Chicago Is Not Broke. Funding the City We Deserve.” A team of civic experts have written short articles outlining how we can save and generate major, sustainable and progressive revenues to make Chicago work for EVERYONE. Tom Tresser and other authors will tell us how Chicago is so NOT broke.  More info at www.wearenotbroke.org.

After the presentation, we will have Q&A and books will be for sale ($12) and signing.

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