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You’re invited to our 17TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY, where we’re sharing the spotlight with other women entrepreneurs—and kickstarting a fun round of fundraising for them!

Chicago’s Most Creative Meeting and Event Space is celebrating 17 wonderful years in business, and we couldn’t have done it without support. That is, support not just from our closest friends and family, but also from our women peers in the business world.

That’s why, for this 17th Anniversary Party, we’re sharing the spotlight with an inspiring set of Chicagoland women in business. On November 4, we’ll party while we meet and collect funds for five promising small business owners!

Come to our annual shindig, where on top of enjoying our usual food and drink and fun, you’ll get to know the pioneering business projects of a select group of women entrepreneurs.

  • You’ll meet them in person;
  • You’ll learn about their business progress and  their next steps; and
  • Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to donate money to fuel their progress.

And of course, you’ll be following the lead of our own pioneering founder Eva Niewiadomski, who will be donating her own money to these women with your guidance:

In a fun twist on fundraising, each of the first fifty people to arrive will get a token worth $5 dollars (courtesy of Eva), which they’ll donate to the entrepreneur of their choice!

It is our hope that those first tokens of donated money from Eva will encourage our guests to make donations of their own, to one—or every one—of these inspired women!

So mark your calendars, because you have a date with us on Monday, November 4 to celebrate the accomplishment, vision and future successes of Catalyst Ranch and a few other incredible women.




  • Monday, November 4.
  • Open House style, 6pm-8:30pm.



  • Simply RSVP with an email to erica@catalystranch.comClick here to auto-generate an email!
  • There’s no ticket to buy for admission.
  • The evening is family friendly.
  • Bring cash to donate to the women entrepreneur(s) of your choice!


  • Incredible food from our longtime catering partner, Big Delicious Planetwhich also happens to be an inspiring, woman-owned business!
  • Beer, wine and soft-drinks!
  • Getting to know and support some women movers-and-shakers!


  • Your attendance means you’ll play a large part in donating a portion of money directly from Catalyst Ranch and Eva Niewiadomski, to awesome women entrepreneurs.
  • What’s more, you yourself get to make a modest** but meaningful monetary contribution to promising, women-owned small businesses.
  • **There is no limit to how much you can donate! Don’t feel limited to “modest” donations, should you feel inclined!



Our 17th Anniversary Party is going to be just as fun as you’ve come to expect after all these years. We can’t wait to share the spotlight with this community. We’ll see you on November 4!

RSVP with an email to: erica@catalystranch.com

Click here to auto-generate your RSVP e-mail!

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