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One can never be over prepared for an activity. For when you least expect it, the unexpected can occur. Ranchhands to the rescue!

Meeting Mix-In Magic!

Building your team at Catalyst Ranch

The energized sounds from the Polka Room were building to a dull roar. Inside, Deborah, the meeting planner, watched the attendees become fully engrossed in the Team Brainium Game Show Challenge, produced by the Corporate Event Interactive team.  The laughter and all-around good vibes were infectious and Deborah couldn’t help but give herself a pat on the back for booking this important session at Catalyst Ranch.  Kira’s suggestion for this teambuilding was exactly what she was hoping for. After all, she thought, they are the meeting planning experts.

Deborah relaxed in her vintage rattan chair, recalling how this activity came to be when planning the meeting.  She knew that the two-day working session’s intense nature needed to end on a high note. The hard work the team had to accomplish on Day One would require the attendees to let off steam, get to know another side of their co-workers, and have fun together on Day Two. The team would need to get on the same page to implement the new strategies they had laid out in the course of Day One.

Team Brainium Corporate Event Interactive Catalyst Ranch game

A few weeks earlier, when Deborah explained her needs to the Client Services Manager, Kira didn’t skip a beat. “We have the best partners, and based on what I hear you saying, I think I have some great options.”  From the highly popular list of Meeting Mix-In activities, Kira highlighted a short list of vendors and their team activities she thought might work best. From there it was easy. When she saw the list, Deborah knew that Corporate Event Interactive’s Catalyst Ranch-specific games were gold!

A burst of laughter jolted Deborah back to the present as she heard a member of her group call out a hilarious answer to the show host from Corporate Event Interactive. Thank goodness for Catalyst Ranch!

The Moral of The Story…

Teambuilding is easy at Catalyst Ranch!