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The power of play is a wonderful thing. It sneaks up in your brain and coaxes out the child like imagination hiding within. Play is the key to productivity and innovation.

The Attack of the A/V Gremlins!

Featuring Professor Planner & Pogo

After weeks of preparation, the big day had finally arrived. Professor Planner had rehearsed his presentation a few times, including short pauses for reactions from the meeting attendees. He was indeed pleased to present at Catalyst Ranch. Pictures he had seen of the creative space excited him to no end. He gave a final run through his check sheet: USB, note cards, photocopies, emergency mints. All there!

Prof. Planner was feeling good. He had got into his stride, the presentation was flowing smoothly, and he even got a few laughs. He had the meeting’s full attention. And then, a quick flicker from the projector caused a pause and a restart of the presentation slide. A few more slides in, it happened again. Then the light went out completely. Professor Planner quickly went to the stack of printouts and started handing them out. He asked the attendees to review some graphs while he got help.

He left the room and soon came back with a Ranchhand and new projector in tow. While the Ranchhand made the switch, Professor Planner discussed the graphs with attendees. As the projector came on, the presentation came back on the screen, Prof. Planner let out a loud, “woo”. The meeting broke out in laughter and applause. The Ranchhand gave a gracious nod and a smile and left the room.

Professor Planner had experienced projector blackouts and hitches before at other meeting venues, with very different results. Never before had he experienced such a quick and efficient remedy to a problem. Prof. Planner made a mental note: Catalyst Ranch had earned a 5-star rating.

The Moral of The Story…

One can never be over prepared for an activity. For when you least expect it, the unexpected can occur. Ranchhands to the rescue!