Previously On The Digital Adventures of Pogo…

Pogo, the creative soul of Catalyst Ranch, showed us that a change in environment can spark creativity and innovation in surprising ways, you just have to be open to trying new approaches in thinking.

Ep.3 To Play Or Not to Play

*Pogo is the Catalyst Ranch mascot. He represents the vibrancy and spirit of Catalyst Ranch.

*Pogo is the Catalyst Ranch mascot. He represents the vibrancy and spirit of Catalyst Ranch. He is everywhere. Can you spot Pogo in the picture?

Pogo surveyed the meeting in progress and was pleased to see engaged faces. Then he spotted Mr. Timmins who was obviously preoccupied. Every few minutes, if not actively texting on his phone, he would check his watch.


Another meeting attendee observed his disinterested look. She inched her fingers across the vintage table and pulled his phone towards her. Mr. Timmerman immediately reached out to grab his phone. When he looked up at her, what he saw made him smile. She had made glasses from the pipe cleaners with catlike ears pointing from the top. She smiled back and gestured over the other tchotchkes on the table.


Mr. Timmerman followed her hand. His smile broadened even more. His eyes fell on something. “Mr. Potato head! I had one of those as a kid. I loved it!” he mouthed, pointing to it. He threw his head back with a silent laugh. He drew the toy closer.


By the time they broke for lunch, the once distracted man had outfitted his toy with different face parts, and made several contributions to the meeting. “I can’t wait to see what’s for lunch,” he told his colleague with a smile.

Moral of The Story….

The power of play is a wonderful thing. It sneaks up in your brain and coaxes out the child like imagination hiding within. Play is the key to productivity and innovation.