Previously on The Digital Adventures of Pogo…

Pogo and Eva teamed up to break out of their cubicle blues and into the world of creativity. We learned what an impact a creative environment can have on a person and the potential it can unlock in a meeting. Having escaped Mr.Whitewalls, Eva and Pogo founded Catalyst Ranch in what was once an old sausage smokehouse. Now that they have a place to start transforming meetings, Pogo and Eva can really start to work their magic.

Ep.2 What is this bird even doing here?

The creative soul of Catalyst Ranch touches a person as soon as they walk in. However, not everyone is as receptive at first. Good thing that breaking people free from the traditional meeting mindset is one of Pogo’s super powers!

Having never visited Catalyst Ranch before, Mrs. Domineering was very set in her meeting ways. Mrs. Domineering didn’t just walk into a room; she stormed in and surveyed the land she had just conquered. “First of all the toys have to go. They have no purpose in my meeting.  And tone down this color! How is anyone supposed to focus on brainstorming with all this? What is this bird even doing here?” She wasn’t yet open to the power of a creative environment, never having seen the magic at work.

This was not the first time Eva, Pogo and her Ranch hands had heard this. And it was not the first time they knew that this method lacks the inspiration required for proper brainstorm sessions. Pogo slowly closed the doors as the meeting began with a thoughtful look on his face. “Already their eyes are glossing over as she flips through her PowerPoint.” Sure enough, Eva could hear only one voice participating, a mere whisper in the stuffy silence.

The meeting broke for lunch with a relieved sigh. Mrs. Domineering bore a look of frustration as she looked upon the crowd. Obviously her approach was not getting the results she hoped for.

“I know just what to do,” Eva whispered to herself.

Pogo leaned in and said with a conspiratorial smile “Time to work our magic?”

Eva nodded with a grin and the Ranch hands got to work to set the place to right. With a magical flourish of his handy pogo stick, Pogo restored the vibrant artwork and brought back the custom furniture and most importantly, replaced the toys and games to all the waiting tables.

Within moments the energy of the meeting shot up.

A strong murmur of avid conversation filled the room with warmth and inspiration, growing to an excited din. Brainstorming became a hands-on exchange of innovation. Creativity generated by the environment fed the fire of productivity and snacks were devoured by all. As the Ranch hands high-fived each other, Eva and Pogo gave each other a smile, knowing they had once again saved the day.


Moral of The Story….

A change in environment can spark creativity and innovation in surprising ways, you just have to be open to trying new approaches in thinking. When looking to revolutionize your next meeting, change your environment, change your thinking and change the way you look at meetings!