The Digital Adventures of Pogo

A Catalyst Ranch Story

Ep 1.  Born in a Smokehouse

LonEva and Pogo meetg ago, a little over 15 years, Eva decided she needed a change. Her cubicle was a haven filled with color and creativity, a lone technicolor speck in a sea of grey. While Eva’s cubicle managed to energize and uplift her, its power could only reach so far and wasn’t yet capable of saving the rest of her coworkers. The plain monotone color scheme was picked out and enforced by Mr. White Walls. “A traditional office works by limiting the amount of outside stimulus to increase the focus of the employees.”  Eva couldn’t agree less. She knew she couldn’t be the only one longing for something unconventional and engaging, a way to break free of stagnant thought patterns. Suddenly a brilliant idea bounced in….

The low hanging ceiling of her cubicle shook and clattered as if something were crawling around up there. Eva was both frightened and intrigued; she could sense that whatever was happening marked the beginning of an incredible adventure. As dust drifted down from the ceiling, a tile was playfully shoved to the side from above. A cheerful orange monkey with a mischievous smile poked his head down and surveyed his surroundings before addressing Eva.

“Nice place ya got here! A little on the small size but it gets the job done.”

To which Eva replied “I would expand if I could but this is the only space I have.”

The monkey clicked his tongue and shook his head. “Shame about that. A creative space like this shouldn’t be constrained or hoarded by one person.”

He stuck his little hand out, flourishing a pogo stick like a magic wand, “The name’s Pogo and I see that you and I are of like minds. Waddya say about us teaming up and doing something really big?”

Eva pursed her lips and thought about all the possibilities in front of her. The idea was too tempting to ignore and some little bit of Eva’s soul breathed easier and soared higher.

“Something BIG, eh? Got something in mind?” Eva asked with a grin. With a business-like handshake, the dynamic duo was created.

“Well you managed to save yourself from the gloomy grey. How about now we go SAVE THE WORLD?!” Pogo suggested, as he and Eva mounted his trusty pogo stick, bouncing off into the sunset. “Hold on tight. I have just the spot. It’s only a few blocks away. It’s a bit raw but that’s what makes it perfect!”

Catalyst Ranch was born on the former site of a sausage smokehouse and a herring-packing plant, in the West Loop of Chicago. With two helpers and an abundance of sweat and inspiration, a space unlike any other was created. Eva invested not only time but love, from carrying an organ up the stairs to hand picking authentic ethnic and retro furnishings from around the world. Eva and Pogo started an event space that engages all the senses, embraces diversity, incites insight, and utilizes the unique power of play.

Continue to follow Pogo’s journey to battle common event disasters and show you what Catalyst Ranch can do for you.