Creating Workplaces with Personality using Inclusive Design    

No two companies are alike; yet odds are, if you walk into a typical office, you would be hard pressed to recall a single distinguishing feature which sets it apart from any other office.   

Your workspace should be imbued with your corporate culture and values and provide an environment in which your employees will thrive. It should reflect your unique personality. But most of us don’t know how to make that happen, how to even go about identifying the core qualities of our specific company personality.

That’s why you need the help of the incorrigible and energetic Catalyst Ranch Design Team. We will partner with you and your employees to transform your workspace into a physical embodiment of your individual corporate personality and the people who work there. We engage your employees and include them in creating parts of the final design – it’s a whole new way to build a team who loves where they work.

Add Shazam (and some personality) to Your Workspace with Catalyst Ranch Design!

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I have admired Eva Niewiadomski’s work since my first trip to Catalyst Ranch in 2009.  I would rent a Catalyst Ranch space at least once a year for staff retreats.

When I moved our office downtown to our own building, there was an opportunity to have our own “Ranch Room.”  I commissioned Eva to design a room from scratch for a space I had and she executed the project flawlessly.  Although every one of our staff members has her or his own work station, it’s not unusual to find a quarter or a third of our staff working in what we call the “Innovation Ranch” in the afternoon…  We do most of our staff meetings now in the Ranch; it is the center piece of our new office.

One of the most popular spots is the treehouse, which Eva built into the “Ranch”. Most of our staff are millennials, and they don’t like traditional boxes. The spaces Eva creates support and facilitate creative problem solving. I know we have gained efficiencies, productivity, and break through solutions by being able to work in a creative space. Our “Ranch” spaces have become one of our competitive advantages as an organization.

Mark C. Anderson, FASAE, CAE, American Society for Surgery of the Hand

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