Create MORE MEMORIES at your Private Dinner Party

Safe Dinner Parties

Our Dinner Parties are your easy-to-build hosting solution for groups of up to 30.
For affairs for groups larger than 30, visit our Special Events page!

Create MORE MEMORIES at your Private Dinner Party

Imagine MORE for Your Next Gathering

Elevate your birthday celebration, holiday gathering, corporate dinner or any intimate gathering of friends by doing something a little bit different. Our Catalyst Ranch Dinner Parties have been created to make hosting a memorable event a piece of cake. No need to sort through caterers and coordinate activities.

That’s where we come in –

  • A gorgeous private room in a homelike environment, decorated with a curated collection of vintage furnishings and plenty of tables. Just like your home but maybe just a tad cooler.
  • A beautifully prepared gourmet meal from one of our caterers.
  • And group activities ranging from board games to mixology or magic.

And presto! Just like that you’ve hosted the most memorable dinner party your friends, family and co-workers can’t stop talking about.

Your Dinner Party. Our Space. SHAZAM!

Holiday Parties in Chicago
Dinner Parties

How It Works

  1. Pick a date
  2. Invite up to 20 guests
  3. Pick a menu
  4. Select your activities
  5. We handle all the logistics and clean-up

It’s that simple! Get started with a quote.


Catered by Design
Dinner Party Catering
Catering Downtown Chicago
Dinner Party Outing in Downtown Chicago
Catered by Design
Dinner Party Catering
Catering Downtown Chicago
Dinner Parties at Catalyst Ranch

Your Party is an EXPERIENCE

With an assortment of included and optional add-on activities, your gathering is more than just a meal, it’s a shared experience that’s unforgettable.

Dinner Party Add-On - Table Topics Cards

Table Topics Cards


Dinner Party Add-On - Board Games

Board Games


Dinner Party Add-On - Giant Games

Giant Games


Dinner Party Add-On - Sparked Game

Sparked Game


Dinner Party Add-On - Rory's Story Cubes

Rory’s Story Cubes


Dinner Party Add-On - Crochet for a Cause

Crochet for a Cause


Dinner Party Add-On - Everyone can Sketch

Everyone Can Sketch


Dinner Party Add-On - Mixology with David

Mixology with David


Dinner Party Add-On - Magic

A Little Bit of Magic


This Place Screams Fun

“Catalyst Ranch may have possibly destroyed all future events I attend. This place is AMAZING! Love the kitchy retro vibe, all the fun rooms, props and eye candy galore! This place screams fun and possibly “Hey You Guyyyysss!” Book your next and every event here if you want it to be a guaranteed success!””

Matt, Party Guest

Diner Party Guests

This is F'ing Awesome

“Who would have thought that once you get off the elevator at the Catalyst Ranch that you were going to step back into this eclectic, magical place. The vintage theme is awesome! The staff is just fantastic. Honestly, I would recommend all events to be held there because it’s just FUN. You can’t help but walk in and be like this is F’ing awesome.”

Rahshonda, Party Guest