When folks have meetings at our space, all the Catalyst Ranch color and stimulation greases their brain’s wheels, and soon enough their team’s creativity and innovation go through the roof. But what happens when you can’t be here?

While the world is working from home, not even the CR staff find themselves in our singular space. So how do we all get that special Catalyst Ranch energy in our own home and work spaces?

In the coming days, we’ll be providing inspiration, tips, and demos to help you channel the #RanchAtHome. Follow our FB, IG and LinkedIn to stay updated on social.

A screenshot of a group virtual video meeting, with one face using a Catalyst Ranch colorful background.

While everyone is separated by distance, we can still see the familiar faces of all our team members at once, thanks to videoconferencing technology. Yes, platforms like Zoom help get business done when no one’s in the same room, but what if the very room you’re in starts feeling stale? If only you could temporarily transport your body and mind some place more thrilling…

Bryan pouts, stuck in his living room with gray walls.

Well, we don’t have any tips for astral projection, but luckily with the Zoom app, we have a pretty easy way to channel the #RanchAtHome: transport yourself (or your image, at the very least) to the whimsical Catalyst Ranch!

Bryan is suddenly transported to Catalyst Ranch

With the instructions below, you can use a virtual background to check into your video meetings from our place.  It’s an great change of pace if you’re tired of showing folks a cluttered living room or a bland wall. We hope our vibrant roomscapes give you and your coworkers a little smile while you continue taking care of business!

Bryan gives a thumbs-up, using a colorful virtual zoom background from Catalyst Ranch.

Use a #RanchAtHome Virtual Zoom Background

  1. First, choose one of these backgrounds down below. Marie Kondo this collection and find one that gives you joy! Click on any image, and it will open in full-resolution in a new tab.

  2. In that new tab, right-click the image, and Save the image to your desktop.

  3. On Zoom, click on the Settings icon (the little gear/cog) in the upper right corner. Then, in the panel on the left, click on “Virtual Background”.A Zoom Settings Menu

  4. Above the box of image choices, click the plus sign (+) to add the image you saved from your computer. Zoom will immediately broadcast your image with the uploaded background in place. Welcome back to the Ranch!Zoom's Virtual Background Menu

  5. Snap a pic of your virtual travels to our space, tag us, and we’ll share your pics! Use our hashtag #RanchAtHome on Facebook (@catalystranch) and Instagram (@catalyst.ranch).

  • We’ve found it works best if you position your webcam so that only a clear wall is behind you. And for the best quality, drape a solid-colored bedsheet behind you (or a green screen if you moonlight as a vlogger). Enjoy your time at Catalyst Ranch!
  • With the default Zoom settings, the background will appear mirrored back to you, but to the rest of your Zoom fellows, the image will appear correctly. So if you move out of frame and they see our happy logo, don’t worry, they’ll be able to read it!