A photo of hands raising cocktail glasses to toast, with the text "New for Meetings: Mixology with David Mor"

We are known around Chicago as the place for team building. We’re sort of a big deal.

Groups don’t just come to Catalyst Ranch to do amazing ice-breakers and exercises. That’s only part of it. What’s more is that we offer a wide selection of Meeting Mix-Ins and Add-Ons: We’ve vetted a number of outstanding third parties who offer one-of-a-kind experiences that engage groups of all sizes and get every member to participate and collaborate in entirely new ways.

And it’s only once in a while that we add another unique vendor to our list of friends… Please join us in raising your glass to toast to our newest addition, bartender extraordinaire David Mor and his beguiling Mixology Workshop!

David is the Beverage Manager for Cindy’s, the acclaimed rooftop restaurant and lounge at the prestigious Chicago Athletic Association Hotel. We discovered him through his connection with our frequent guest Camp Boundless, for whom he has led one of their most successful Pop-Up evenings, and we’ve tapped him to wow our clients and guests as well.

With David, our own clients can expect an interactive session learning about and practicing the art of making delicious cocktails. With his endearing personality and impressive expertise, he captivates a group as he teaches them hands-on skills that will get them all in a festive mood! It’s a perfect way to end a day of Meetings business by having everyone loosen up and craft a beverage with coworkers in this Mixology Workshop.

Let’s get to know David Mor!

David, how long have you been in Chicago?

I’ve lived in Chicago for 3 years now. I moved here after graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

And what brought you to the beverage industry and mixology as a profession?

When I was in college, I was bartending full-time to put myself through school; I fell in love with the way that hospitality could touch peoples’ lives and the minute influence we could have on each other’s days. As I studied the craft more, I became more enamored by the complexities of what this industry has to offer.

What is your favorite cocktail to make?

My favorite cocktail to make is a Sazerac.

Mmm. Yes please, go ahead and make us one of those. And what’s your favorite cocktail to drink?

My favorite cocktail to drink is an Aperol Spritz.

What’s your favorite part(s) about being Beverage Manager at the acclaimed Cindy’s Rooftop at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel?

I love getting to curate the beverage program at Cindy’s because of the diverse sums of guests we encounter. Getting to be a part of a restaurant that feels inclusive of all backgrounds and peoples is a humbling and gratifying experience.

In your workshops, you’re able to educate groups of people about the Mixed Drink, something that most everyone has enjoyed, though perhaps without knowing the skill and the art that go into it. What brings you the most joy from being able to impart some of that art and skill to your audiences?

What I enjoy most about curating these cocktail workshops is the ability to make “complex drinks” accessible. I learned so much from watching other bartenders and listening and being open to their knowledge. When I found out more about how these drinks came to be, I realized that there was a general formula to play with in order to achieve balance. Offering that mental state to workshop attendees has allowed me to break the nervous energy around the genre and lay out these mixed drinks as an approachable and re-creatable entity.

We’re so happy to have David in our ranks, and can’t wait for him to mix it up with our clients. Click here for more information on hosting a meeting at Catalyst Ranch.