Inspiration Through Personalized Songs

On Saturday September 9th at 8:00 PM, in collaboration with West Loop Life, Catalyst Ranch is hosting Canadian writer/songstress Jessica Allossery, who is travelling through North America performing her original music in people’s homes and small locations in cities and towns. With her totally refurbished camper Pearl, she will be touching fans and supporters in 18 states; East coast, West coast, North and South. She is truly inspiring, and then some.

Jessica’s chosen path, her story, is inspiring.  She learned to play guitar and sing from watching Youtube videos. She writes custom songs for fans. And now, is spending three months on American roads and highways, sharing her gift, her love, just the way she likes it.

Writing songs is inspiring for her and the lives she touches through her music. Here is Jessica in her own words sharing the journey of writing customs songs for fans who request one.

What happened to make you want to challenge yourself to do that?

Financially I was in a tough spot and needed to find a creative way to earn some income as a musician. I had heard of writing custom songs before but never tried it out, so that was the right time. I was also in a low point in my music career where I had been struggling for quite a while to make ends meet, and just to continue pushing in the independent route – it all felt really hard and discouraging most of the time. So I really felt like I needed some sort of change up.

Tell me a bit more about the process and turnaround time.

A fan will email me and tell me their story or the story about the person who they’d like to write the song for. If I need more details we may jump on a phone call, but usually it’s all done via email for my own records. Once I get all the details and some keywords or phrases that the fan would like included in the song, I begin the writing process. The songs can take anywhere between 2 days and 4 weeks to write and record. It just depends on how connected I feel to the songs subject matter/ how inspired I am after hearing the stories, etc.

How do their stories affect/inspire you?

Most of the stories I get for my custom songs are very inspirational because I get to have an inside look into someone else’s experiences in their own life, and then create a tangible thing from it. It’s amazing to see how much love exists between people or families. It’s also amazing to see how many trials & tribulations some people have been through. I get to be a witness through these things and really be a part of the journey for that fan that trusts me enough to invite me into their lives. That is really beautiful for me because it gives me a connection that I wouldn’t have gotten without offering the Gift of Song on my website.

Since you started over a year ago, how many songs have you written, and how have they been received? Are they all happy endings?

Since I started about a year and a half ago, I’ve written around 15 songs and each one has been very well received! I’ve had no complaints (thank goodness).  I still have mild anxiety when delivering the final product because I just never know how my fan will react, but it’s ALWAYS been over-the-moon positive.  I received a thank you email just last night for a Fathers’ Day song that I wrote for a father who had lost his first born the day of his birth. So, no, the songs are not always happy endings, but that’s ok. Some stories are delightful- I write about friendships and relationships and marriages. I write for marriages and birthdays and anniversaries…. But then there are the other songs that are written for the healing aspect; to create a tangible piece of art to hold onto, when that something that I wrote about is no longer there. 

Although some stories are really sad, my custom songs are meant to provide healing, love & light.  I have been given this gift to provide healing to those who reach out and get the Gift of Song, which has in turn given me the greatest gift as a musician. To know that I am doing everything on this earth that I am meant to do straight from my heart.

Come meet Jessica and hear her on September 9th. Who knows, you may be inspired too!

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