Build a Motorcycle to Build Your Team!

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Bike Build Chicago, from Preferred Vendor Moto Guild, is the perfect out-of-the-box experiential learning, team-building activity to motivate, empower, and create camaraderie among your employees.  The event is set up to explore better ways to work together through an out-of-your-comfort-zone task that is both challenging and rewarding once the engine starts.

Moto Guild thinks that the best way to learn is hands-on, and 90% of their classes are just that. You, working on your own motorcycle, with an instructor guiding the way.

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The Bike Build takes place on the shop floor of Moto Guild Chicago.  Participants will work on their bikes in an actual motorcycle shop, giving even more authenticity to the already visceral experience.

The more knowledge you have about your motorcycle and the motorcycles around you the better off you will be.

Subjects range from basic to advanced and all steps in between. Each workshop is designed to teach you how to work on your own motorcycle, on a specific task, in a short session.

Previous tool or motorcycle repair knowledge is helpful but not necessary in any of the workshops.

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