5 ways to brighten your work space

by Kim Jean

Time and again we hear the bubbling excitement of voices approaching the elevator on their way out after a successful day of meetings at Catalyst Ranch. The sound of laughter, overhearing meeting attendees talk about the surroundings, how many ideas they’ve generated, how productive they’ve been – it never gets old. And our staff loves it too. It gives them the opportunity to share all that Catalyst Ranch has to offer.

At Catalyst Ranch there are 6 rooms available to groups and individuals for meetings, workshops and special events. That’s one part of the business model. We are a creative meeting and event space – an award winning creative meeting and event space.

Just recently a meeting attendee poked her head in our office and said, “You are so lucky to work here.” We all turned around and said thank you. Was that a hint of envy? If we are to boast, yes Catalyst Ranch is a special place, and if that is so, it is because we have created a special environment and atmosphere not only for our clients, but our staff as well.

One of many things our space does is engage the senses. The woman behind Catalyst Ranch, Eva Niewiadomski, defined this best when she said, “Catalyst Ranch is a physical environment which engages all the senses and tunes up the brain’s receptivity to powerful new ideas and different ways of perceiving.” We do that by purposefully sprinkling our rooms with our vintage furniture, decade old mementos, artifacts from around the world, childhood trinkets and toys. All to spur the nostalgic remembrance of childhood past, when we were all bursting with imagination and creative ideas.

That’s what we give to clients who come here to create, ideate, develop, retreat and recreate.

Meanwhile, back at the office you may not have these extensive luxuries, but you can replicate a bit of it in your own work space. Whether you have a cubicle, a desk in a space with other desks, or your own office, here are five ways to brighten your work space.

Catalyst Ranch 4W Office 1

  1. An oddity. Put something odd on your desk or in a spot where you and others can see. Go against the norm and pick something totally out of character, push your comfort zone. Disrupt the normal. The odder, the better the conversation starter. You might get to know some interesting things about your workmates and they might learn something about you as well.
  1. Add color. Remember the days of shocking colors? Those bright, nearly blinding colors from the early nineties. That’s a thought. If neon is too much for you, temper it down with a moderately bright piece of furniture or art.
  1. Add a focal point. Make it something that will bring you back or take you away when you need to develop a thought or relax from a thought. Make that focal point a piece that has sentimental value, something that evokes memory that puts you in a good place.

Catalyst Ranch 4W Office 2

  1. Create comfort. You spend most of the day at work, sitting, you might as well be comfortable. To get the comforts of home at work, try a pillow cushion for your desk chair or lounge chair, a blanket for your lap on cold days. Go a step further and get a nice rug for your feet.
  1. Stop and play. Put the cell phone games aside for a while and wrap your fingers around more traditional and tactile play objects. You’re not too old. Mandala coloring anyone? Maybe a puzzle, Play-doh or some pipe cleaners and then you can hang it up or exhibit it at your desk.


Your workspace is what you make it. Hopefully one or more of these ideas should get you to that place. While you’re at it, subscribe to our newsletter for all the happenings or to get daily prompts for unusual daily inspiration.

Kim 2-28-17

Kim Jean is the Special Events & Marketing Assistant Manager at Catalyst Ranch and featured blog writer at Catalyst Ranch. She’s been a published columnist, charity ambassador, podcast creator and business ideas creator. When she’s not at Catalyst, she’s working on her start up business, practicing yoga, cooking, saying awesome things or taking a nap, whenever possible.