Kim Jean headshot

One of the first things you notice about Kim Jean is her big smile, her infectious presence, and her is-it-British-or-Caribbean accent. Ok that was more than one thing. Let’s say there is a lot you notice about her in the first few minutes in her presence.

And we are very happy to have her here at Catalyst Ranch as the Assistant Marketing Manager responsible for our in-house marketing events and Ignite Theatre. Kim comes in with a background in Marketing and Publicity as well as having been a published columnist, school sport program contributor and host of her own podcast.

“I have done many things over the years, some in short stints. But added value everywhere I’ve been. I am very proud of that.” Kim is a welcome addition to the team.

“When I came through the elevator doors I remembered that I had been to a party here about six years ago. It was such a great time. I still have pictures. So to be working in this place is very satisfying. I plan to work with the zeal and the many dimensions of nostalgia that the very deliberately placed articles of decoration that Catalyst Ranch invokes to my duties. To be responsible for the planning collaboration and execution, networking, promoting and representing of the most unique Catalyst Ranch is my most humble pleasure.”

When Kim is not working on Catalyst Ranch business, she’s managing her own.

MOSSUM is a start-up company specializing in the production of Sea Moss products. Now here’s some education for you. Sea Moss, also known as Irish Moss is an ocean algae, not the sea weed that we already know. It is a veiny vegetable that has tons of vitamins, minerals and trace minerals that is good for many things in the body including protecting the thyroid, keeping moisture in the skin, removing toxins and radiation, helps digestion and respiration, removing mucus from the lungs.

“I’ve known Sea Moss my whole life, but not until I researched and then incorporated it into my diet did I really see that Sea Moss does what it is documented to do. My message is simple, Eat.Drink.Sea Moss. It is also my company slogan. Education about this wonderful food is tantamount to the growth and success of MOSSUM, and that’s part of the strategy every day.”

Kim uses Sea Moss in all her cooking and drinking creations. Sea Moss comes preserved in its own sea salt and can be used raw in salads, blended in drinks and boiled in soups, baking and desserts. MOSSUM Raw Chopped Sea Moss is available online at Kim is available for private parties and group demonstrations as well.

After she’s done with all work, Kim hits the hot yoga rooms of Corepower Yoga, or she’s cooking what she calls local food from her upbringing in Saint Lucia as well as creating her own, Sea Moss mandatory. And when she’s completely relaxed she’s consuming everything that European film and television has to offer. She’s embracing her inner British she says.

Well here’s a warm embrace and resounding welcome Kim Jean to Catalyst Ranch. Cheers!