I stumbled across this article written for LinkedIn by Rene de Ruijter, and thought it was terrifically written and would be of great interest to our Ranch audience.  I figured I would “dissect” it below.  The link to the full article is at the bottom.

Catalyst Ranch Mamo Room set up

“The right working environment can stimulate creativity and innovation. Colours, lighting, sounds and arrangement all influence how creative people are. However, the space in which you work is not the only thing that determines how creative your organisation is.”


Yes.  We couldn’t agree more.


Catalyst Ranch owner Eva sitting in a hammock chair


“Unusual spaces tend to help spark creativity.”

Have you been looking at our website?



Polka Room being used for a product facilitation

“Research has shown that messy environments stimulate creative thinking.”

We prefer to call it Maximalistic.





Polka blue and green floor

“Curiously, experiments have shown that “a brief glimpse of green prior to a creativity task enhances creative performance”. The same has been said of blue.”

What about spending an entire day in a room like that?




“What will be your first step towards an environment that stimulates creativity?”

Come to Catalyst Ranch!

Read the full article here