Tehilla Newman leaning on box


Hello! My name is Tehilla. (sounds like “tequila”) Newman; Catalyst Ranch’s new Business Development Manager, Networking Ninja and Relationship Revolutionizer.

After having grown up in Cherry Hill, NJ, I came to Chicago to go to Graduate School at a prestigious Theater Program. Having never failed anything before in my life, when the school “cut” me from the program, without support and emotional maturity,  I gave up on an acting career and yet stayed in Chicago to slowly build a life not wanting to go back east as a “failure”.  After a variety of adventures and unrelated jobs, I built a career in sales and business development.


After many years of having sold many things from granite & marble to developing business for a moving & storage company, I have finally found my home at the colorful Catalyst Ranch. I had attended an event there for my unique spiritual community and instantly fell in love with the special space. Utilizing my networking skills, I reached out and inquired about how I could be of best service to the team. Synchronicity prevailed and I came on board in September bringing my knack for networking and regalia for relationship building along to deepen the depth and broaden the breadth of reach to more potential clients. I have been busy building a system to stay top of mind with recent clients as well as with clients who haven’t returned for a while. Most importantly, as the cheerful champion of the ranch, I  plan to infiltrate the meeting/events planning, administrative/executive assistants and human resources professionals communities making Catalyst Ranch the go-to source for creative off-site meetings.


This is all a natural fit for me as my personal passion is communal creative expression. Not only do I love creating art but most especially I love creating in community. In addition to having returned to the Chicago theatre scene after a long absence, I am also a visual artist specializing in sculpture and watercolor painting. It pains my heart to hear people say they are not creative and I willingly whip out the watercolors to prove them “wrong”. Just like everyone can relate to the nostalgia of the Catalyst Ranch environment, so too can everyone, with support and guidance, access their natural proclivity for colorful creative expression.  In addition to creativity and spirituality, I love nature, animals, and the color purple. To me, purple is not just a color… it’s a lifestyle.  To see some of my hand made original sculptures, please go to www.tehillasunrise.com …..I welcome any and all comments, reactions, inquiries and of course…..sales! Just shoot me an email to tehillasunrise@gmail.com and let’s talk creativity.

Clay art piece called connections by Tehilla Newman